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Poems Written in November 2011

November 20, 2011

Poems written in November 2011
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[poem notes in brackets like this]

Picasso’s distorted faces
show a repressed angst.
This is rampant in modern art
and displays personalities that are split –
torn apart and filled with rage.
2 [from Writings In Science – my sci fi anthology]
When we are sailing
light years away
how can we still
smell the sea air?
3 [from Writings In Science – my sci fi anthology]
A telescope was made
that magnified the smallest.
There in the eye piece
was a room full of wigglers –
waves that sometimes
merged and strengthened
or trough and crest
vanished away.
Life bustles
is self involved,
active, pushy,
wants every niche,
wants to mate,
and its kids to grow,
wants more sun,
or rain, or food,
and sometimes a day
to celebrate!
I began a new sketchbook
and drew a spark!
knowing comes
like a firefly
that bumps your back
in the dark
I looked at my
empty bowl
and the rattling
spoon – a bell!
in my palms
I Ching stalks


If there are gravitons, are there anti-gravitons?

Rule of evolution – you don’t change unless you have to.

Dracula, now that’s a novel I can sink my teeth into

Does the sun have a shadow?

You wade in the river where you are.

Police are starting Occupy America.

Congress is like high school except there are no adults in the room.

Truth has a way of being wrong sometimes.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)
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