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Twelve Rules for Making a Hollywood Movie

September 6, 2018

Dear Reader, This week let’s have some fun with Hollywood!


1. Vocal coaches must instruct all actors to whisper or scream all lines, ‘… like they do in real life!’

2. Aging male stars must date starlets.

3. Films must fit one of three formats:

Kids = cartoon movies
Women = love stories with a wedding at the end.
Men = action heroes with lots of special effects.

4. Must spend over 50 million to advertise film – this stuff won’t sell itself!

5. There must be conflict. If the character buys a loaf of bread the clerk, a total stranger, has to scowl, hassle, and oppose him at every turn, ’cause that’s reality!

6. Keep the following out of your film, seniors, children, teens, people of color, happily married couples, and women in leadership positions; unless they are plot points; but even then, never dwell on them!

7. All characters must come from broken homes like the screenwriters do!

8. Movie posters must be cluttered with a list all thousand of the executive producers, regular producers, directors, etc. to emphasize the personal vision of the writer.

9. Dumb down everything except for a single plot point surprise at the end.

10. Bystanders must never get involved and have to act like frozen props! Make sure that minor characters act exceptionally stubborn and stupid to move the plot along!

11. Originality is extremely important – specially in sequels, and remakes.

12. Theater employees that sell the tickets and popcorn, must continue to get the lowest wages and benefits allowed by law. Though Hollywood walks the red carpet, theater workers must be swept under it!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 25 year old zine Musea)

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Theater Workers fight for fair wages. (Repost

September 1, 2015

Musea Readers, For many months I’ve suggested to The Dissident Rag on facebook, that they include theater workers in their discussion of low wage workers. Today 8/31/15 they did, by reposting the blog entry below.

Thanks to them, and may it force Hollywood to be a part of the low wage debate!

Personally, I worked at the Inwood Theater in Dallas from 1990-2014. The last years it was owned by billionaire Mark Cuban. His policy was the same as all theater policies towards workers. Lowest wages, few if any full time workers – which would eliminate most benefits, etc. etc.

There is no reason for the film industry to be just about the only industry to get away with this – specially when Hollywood goes out of it’s way to brag about how many millions they made in box office every week. See link for more.

Box Office David McGhee

Got Low Wages? Just get a better job…

April 23, 2014

Being a theater worker for decades, I support fair wages for what we do.  But when I suggest Hollywood multi millionaires should brag less about how many millions they made over the weekend, and do more for theater workers, I get this response:


Now you are talking: Let’s say every minimum wage worker went back to school – how does that sound?

1. Many have to work, and can’t take time out for training
2. Even if they could, there are few jobs for people already trained..
3. Many factory jobs were sent overseas.
4. Customers like you, and companies like theaters, need the low wage jobs filled now.
5. Many corporations are making all time high profits.
Minimum wage should be a fair wage.

*These are the 8 lowest paying jobs: Fast food, dishwashers, cashiers, hosts, amusement part workers, movie theater workers, farm workers, personal health care aides.

Movie Music – when it’s a symphonic formula

March 22, 2013

When I watch a movie and I hear the first strain of orchestra music coming in, I know that the director doesn’t care about the music for his film (he’s just filling in the blanks with the usual music formula). And that suggests he probably ¬†doesn’t care about the rest of his movie either.

When I hear that over used bland formulaic, symphonic music (now in most every Hollywood film), I stop there. That is not only a pet peeve for me as a composer, but it’s a deal breaker too; because I know any director who loves their film, will work hard to find the specific music to fit it, and would never ever just throw in the usual symphonic mush.


History repeats and repeats and repeats ….

February 1, 2013

Sometimes history not only repeats itself, but it gets into a rut doing it!

Let’s look at how the established art form, looked down on the upstart. It may be repeating itself yet again:

The established New York stage community looked down on the upstart film community toward the first of last century.

The established Hollywood film community looked down on the upstart television community toward the middle of last century.

The established television community looks down on the upstart internet community as I write this.

HISTORY repeats and repeats and repeats itself!

Time to see the lesson – the internet youtube videos, and other indie videos on the net are upsetting the established tv, film, and stage communities. They deny it. The rest of us see it.

Time for yet another revolution in the arts.
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Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 20 year old zine Musea)

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