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More Lab Links

May 4, 2017

More LAB Links.
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BIOLOGICAL IDEAS, Speculation Over the Years.

BIOLOGY EVOLUTION CATEGORY, From Musea Blog. , 15 pages


Had Earth = Cheeseburger, then Life = chem. adaptation to Cheeseburgers

April 13, 2015

Had Earth = Cheeseburger, then Life = chem. adaptation to Cheeseburgers

Had the earth been a cheeseburger, life would have evolved as the best chemical adaptation to cheeseburgers. In other words, no matter what existed, life would be defined as the best most stable reaction to that environment.

My suggestion as to how life began:

UV energy from the sun –> strikes chemicals during the day, then goes away at night in a daily cycle that continues for 4 billion years.
Chemicals hit by the sun react in one of two ways
———-> 1. they are destroyed.
———-> 2. they continue to exist another day.
The UV cycle of energy repeats itself every day.
The chemicals that are not destroyed in this cycle develop two types of stability:
a. they are stable in not changing what is stable in that environment.
b. they are stable in changing what is not stable in that environment.

UV energy –> selection on chemicals —> the most stable continue to exit —>
they are stable in two ways —>

Stable a. take in and hold what is nurturing —> metabolism —-> anabolic
Stable b. block out, and excrete out what is not nurturing —> replication –> catabolic

There IS a direction to natural selection. With every step life gets better anabolic or catabolic processes.

Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

These posts are built on the premise of the evolution of catabolic and anabolic processes to other separate deconstructive and constructive processes.
Catabolic and anabolic processes evolve but they do not blend (bio summary)

Two Papers: Codon Expression Speed / HGT in Humans

March 13, 2015

Two science articles worth noting.
The first talks about codon expression speed And the 23nd talks about horizontal gene transfer in humans.

1. The first suggests that codon’s express themselves at different speeds for different purposes.

“The most significant breakthrough in the Case Western Reserve work is that all of the words, or codons, in the genetic code are deciphered at different rates; some are deciphered rapidly while others are deciphered slowly. The speed of how mRNA decodes its information is the sum of all the codons it contains. This imposed speed limit then ultimately affects the amount of protein produced. Sometimes faster is better to express a high level of protein. Sometimes slower is better to limit the amount protein. ”

I have suggested that the melting temp of the two base pairs may be a significant selection difference. This may be another aspect of that.
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

2. This article suggests there is HGT, horizontal gene transfer in humans.

I suggest that this horizontal gene transfer is most likely in our gut bacteria.

First Infant Infection Good in Small Doses

February 22, 2015


This study suggests that the introduction of some bacteria into the infant gut, helps it set up its immune system. And without that early introduction – usually from mother’s breast milk – the child’s immune system does not set up well.

The immune system is designed to be exposed to bacteria on a grand scale. If you minimize those exposures, the immune system won’t develop optimally.”

This supports my idea that there is gene transfer from the mother to the child, not in the genome, but in the bacteria DNA transferred from Mother to infant’s gut.

Sleep idea Updates

February 3, 2015

Why do we sleep? My latest suggestion is that NREM is glymph cleaning for mostly the cerebrum, our top brain. And during this sleep time, most cerebrum activities are reduced. And REM is glymph cleaning for mostly the brain stem, limbic system, and perhaps the cerebellum – the other parts of the brain. And during these sleep periods most of the activities connected to those parts of the brain are reduced or altered. Many facts seem to fit, and it can be tested to see if it is valid.

Muscle atonia during REM sleep.
Some suggest that we are paralyzed with muscle atonia in REM sleep to make sure we don’t act out our nightmares. I think it is just the opposite. Muscle atonia causes the nightmares.
REM sleep is one part of the nightly glymphatic cleanse of the brain (perhaps mostly the parts of the brain not including the cerebrtum). During that period the part of the brain that controls muscles seems to be ‘out for cleansing’ and that part of the body is paralyzed.
The nightmares may be just a reflection of that paralysis. The nightmares put into visual pictures the bodies shut down during REM sleep, of muscles due to the brain ‘closed’ for cleaning.:”
During this time body temperature approaches that of the environment. That may be because muscle atonia has stopped the muscles from producing body heat that comes from muscle movement -70% of body heat.

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