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The Guitar Can Sing Soft (poem)

January 5, 2016

The guitar can sing soft
like an angelic harp
or soar like the tune
from a bow and violin
or crash and pound
like a piano or drum


Juggernaut (a one guitar symphony)

December 27, 2013

Readers,  here is a  3 minute guitar symphony in 6 parts – all on one guitar!



A = The opening two parts, has a Jimi Hendrix feel to the chords.

B = Things quiet down in this center section with a sitar feel like the Beatles to the melody and chords.

C = The music builds up stronger and stronger in a chord progression that sounds like the Who.

A = The music comes round to the Juggernaut first part.

See what you think of my one guitar symphony.


For more one guitar music see,

“J” is for Juggernaut – My Musical Alphabet

March 21, 2013

“J” is for Juggernaut


Musical Notes:  This is a mini sonata for guitar with a sitar like middle.  Starts off with a juggernaut of chords, then a pulled back middle that builds until the reprise.  Enjoy!

Xmas (short short original guitar piece)

December 22, 2012

For 45 plus years I’ve been composing music. This very very very short guitar piece is about as good as I get – or that music gets. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to all!!!


Next Level ( solo guitar instrumental)

October 31, 2011

Next Level  (guitar instrumental)

Next Level

MUSIC, 5 full CD’s of free Post-Bands Music)




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