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Convergent Evolution – Letter to Dr. Morris

July 8, 2015

Dr. Simon Conway Morris

Convergent Evolution is a fascinating idea. Here are some aspects that may interest you.

1 The Origin of Life may have been, not a one time fluke chemical event, but the most stable chemical system in that environment over millions of years – specifically that which best survived the daily UV (day and night cycle), and turned it into a way to become more stable – stable in two ways, 1. stable in keeping what works, and 2. stable in changing what doesn’t.

2. Convergent evolution may work for catabolic and anabolic processes too – such that the better catabolic and anabolic methods are selected for across all life.

3. Being bipedal, not only freed the hands for tools, but perhaps more importantly allowed the mother to hold, carry, caress, and soothe the baby. Thus developing strong social bonds. I tend to think social bonds are a part of convergent evolution.

This is an article on Dr. Morris’s book.

Tom Hendricks
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

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Convergent Life (bio ideas)

June 12, 2015

Here is an interesting idea that suggests that all life is heading in the same direction when it comes to catabolic and anabolic processes and selection on those processes. Convergent Life
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Convergent life.

This is an idea that combines two others.

First one from the biological texts:

1. Convergent evolution is the independent evolution of similar features in different species.

Combine that with one of my ideas:

2. There is a direction in evolution toward better catabolic and anabolic processes. [Catabolic and anabolic chemical processes evolved but did not blend.
When there is a mutation on either catabolic or anabolic processes, there is selection pressure on the other to match the good mutation, or mitigate the bad one.]

3. Convergent LIfe (or convergent catabolic and anabolic processes)

That suggest to me that in any similar environment, all life will converge on the best catabolic and anabolic processes.
natural selection will always select similar catabolic and anabolic processes for similar environments.