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Bills before Congress Voting Website

May 13, 2017


Someone should start a website that posts every bill before congress, in full. Then after the bill the site allows all Americans to vote one time on them.

The results will not change the bill, but it will show the country the bills they are considering, what is in them, and how fellow Americans feel about that bill.

This will also make it clear which congressman is introducing what bills and voters can vote accordingly.

No Incumbent Political Party (suggestions box)

June 24, 2013

Let’s start the “No Incumbent Political Party” with this message for the government, “Work together or work somewhere else.

Poems Written in November 2011

November 20, 2011

Poems written in November 2011
Comments welcome.
[poem notes in brackets like this]

Picasso’s distorted faces
show a repressed angst.
This is rampant in modern art
and displays personalities that are split –
torn apart and filled with rage.
2 [from Writings In Science – my sci fi anthology]
When we are sailing
light years away
how can we still
smell the sea air?
3 [from Writings In Science – my sci fi anthology]
A telescope was made
that magnified the smallest.
There in the eye piece
was a room full of wigglers –
waves that sometimes
merged and strengthened
or trough and crest
vanished away.
Life bustles
is self involved,
active, pushy,
wants every niche,
wants to mate,
and its kids to grow,
wants more sun,
or rain, or food,
and sometimes a day
to celebrate!
I began a new sketchbook
and drew a spark!
knowing comes
like a firefly
that bumps your back
in the dark
I looked at my
empty bowl
and the rattling
spoon – a bell!
in my palms
I Ching stalks


If there are gravitons, are there anti-gravitons?

Rule of evolution – you don’t change unless you have to.

Dracula, now that’s a novel I can sink my teeth into

Does the sun have a shadow?

You wade in the river where you are.

Police are starting Occupy America.

Congress is like high school except there are no adults in the room.

Truth has a way of being wrong sometimes.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)
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National Hiring Day: A Grassroots Effort To Get Jobs For The Country

June 14, 2011

 A Jobs Fair For The Nation.  “Working together to get us work.”

There is an idea that addresses the jobs crisis right now. It could quickly put hundreds of thousands of people back to work in one day.

It is not pro left or right.
It is not the property of any corporatio­n.

It is not the idea of any political party.
It’s totally voluntary…..and it helps all with little sacrifice from anyone

National Hiring Day – This is a day that corporations are encouraged to fill the 4 million open positions in the country, and larger corporations to hire one or more new employees. Corporations are called on to put patriotism first and help their country in hard times with one or more hires each. Those corporations that cannot hire, are asked to stop firing for that month.

Petition for National Hiring Day 

Republican­s should love this because it’s outside the government, voluntary and jump starts the economy.
Democrats should love this because it helps the people needing jobs.
Independen­ts should love this because it helps all with little sacrifice from any single corporation, group, or person.
Corporatio­ns should love this because with just a handful of hires they become part of a collective country wide jump start of the economy. National Hiring Day also helps them fill any open jobs positions. Many corporations are ready to hire, but scared to stand out and be the first. A National Hiring Day would help them by getting many other corporations on board.

The only solution for jobs and the economy is one that is NOT divisive, but inclusive – that does not only build with half of the country, but builds with both halves – that puts jobs ahead of politics and that puts the country ahead of party.

“A friend who is a numbers phenom, looked at all the numbers of these corporatio­ns and small businesses­. He discovered that were all the large corporatio­ns just to hire .5% of their work force and most businesses with fewer than 50 employees to hire one employee and those with up to 500 add two or three, then the unemployme­nt problem would be back down to the place where people would feel there is hope. Just a few jobs, from all these companies which are sitting on over two trillion in cash, … could get us on the way to a situation where people could heal their financial pictures and the country could have HOPE. – TXfemmom

Let’s say you run a business, by hiring one person, you are a part of this. Many others hire one or more. Then because you (and others) hired one or more, thousands have gotten jobs, lost insecurity and worry, and are ready to buy from you and others. AND they have a good reason to support your company. Just one hire from enough businesses and the whole country has a big boost. You help a little and get good will from thousands that find jobs, in return.

Time for new thinking instead of old bickering.

If the old ideas worked, we wouldn’t still have the problem.

Why limit choices to government policy?

Working together to get us work!


An idea of the 20 year old Dallas Art and Media zine Musea.
See also http://wp.­me/p5S9X-j­W or google National Hiring Day + Musea

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