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Bio Computer

October 9, 2019

Speculation: Your Body is a DNA computer.
Not 0/1 but base pairs G/C, A/T that denature at different temps. The Sun was the first programer.

Got a New Computer System for my Bedroom ….

July 25, 2015

Got a new computer system for my bedroom.  I may have gone a little over board.  What do you think?

Dominoes (Or how computers really work)

March 13, 2014

(inspired by an illustration by Jessica Walsh)

I finally understand
how computers really work.
the button that you push
is the first domino.
And behind the facade
it pushes yet another,
and that pushes another
and so forth down the line;
until at the end
you’ve issued a command,
which trips another
row of dominoes
to fall down in line
to finish the task.

Want some proof?
Shake your computer.
Do it hard enough
and you’ll hear parts rattling.
That’s your dominoes
(now out of line.)

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