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Not Bands but Something New

October 30, 2018


Maybe it’s time to recognize that the musicians you played with in high school or college may not be your life time friends.

Bands are the cutting edge of nothing now, and tying yourself to a set of musicians has never worked – not for the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, or any lesser group.

Choose musicians for a project, or a revue, or an album, then let them go and keep your independence. That is the lesson we should learn from 60 years of bands.

My choice is none of the above, something new, not a band, not a singer songwriter, something in between, something new.

Tom Hendricks (Hunkasaurus and HIs Pet Dog Guitar)
Join the music revolution! We want YOU!

History of Bands

April 19, 2013

Being a musician, that cares deeply for music, I am now opposed to bands. They are a 60 year old idea in music that is played out for me. I want a break from bands. I think that will challenge musicians to do something different, and try to stand out, not fit in.

Bands were:
cutting edge in the 60’s
played out in the 70’s
redundant in the 80’s
boring in the 90’s
a formula in the 00’s
left behind in the 10’s

Rock and Roll Has Got to Go!!!!

October 12, 2012

There is nothing more generic in music now, than bass, drums, and electric guitar. Where are the innovative musicians? Doesn’t anyone want to do something new in music? – Art S ReVolutionary.

Time to either dump rock and roll, or get back to it’s roots and play it right! – Art S ReVolutionary

There’s a new music coming out of Dallas, called Post-Bands music. Boy is it scary to dull musicians!

Post Bands Music – its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world.
(and It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).

Here’s a video on the new music:

Here are some possible world’s firsts connected to the new music:

Box Office Concerts – first concerts from a theater box office booth

Guitar is as good as a band – Style –  style of guitar that plays bass, rhythm, and lead all at once.

Post- Bands Music  – new music to get music exciting again.
Big List – first best on the net music list. “100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace” In a world of misses, here are 200+ hits!

Request and Dedication – Play dedications live – send them to anyone from anyone.

First CD is a 5 CD Set – 120 song Outside the Box Set.

AND this is all part of the Art Revolution in all arts and media.

More Sameness in Music Please …. Letter to the Observer

August 29, 2012

This is a reprint of Musea E-mail Club # 209: Note: The Observer is the Dallas Weekly – pretty much like any other generic big city weekly.

Letter to the Dallas Observer:

I’m very concerned about the Observer’s lack of coverage of bands. In the last issue there were ONLY 59 band photos. That is too low. If you don’t continue to promote bands in every issue, how can we get that homogenized sound that we both love. 40 years of bands means barely 15 years in the Stepford Wife zone. It is only just now that we have reached the safest, most clonish, blandest, established, music format in history. Don’t mess with it.

Long ago bands passed contenders like string quartets or barbershop quartets, in look alikeness. It is imperative that sameness – endless sameness – sameness without the chance of disturbing innovation – continue for 40 more years. You needlessly startle me sometimes when you present music saying this is new or fresh. Thank heavens it’s always a ruse and I’m safely numbed by their true blandness. Some say Rock and Roll has become all it started out opposing. Hah! From the start it was there to be safe and to get along and to offend no one, and to be THE most established musical format ever and hopefully – maybe just maybe – get an endorsement deal out of it. The whole point of rock and roll is to support the establishment at every turn in a way that offends none. Thank heavens your musical coverage has followed that credo. But we must be vigilant. Don’t rock the sameness, endless sameness, the clonish same endless sameness of bands and rock and roll! 40 more years of SAMENESS!

Update Those who agree with me, show your support with a big…. yawn.  Then take your lit lighters and put them OUT! – Art S ReVolutionary

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