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Stadium Concerts

April 1, 2013

Do you like arena concerts? Stadium music? Do you think the ticket pricing is fair? Do you get mad when you fight your way in among the thousands and all the best seats up front, down on the floor, are filled with jewelry wearing fat cats that got their tickets for free to promote the concerts? Do you like the excess fees you pay, the lines you stand in, and the parking? When you hear your parents talk about concerts for $5, do you think they are exaggerating?

Here’s the problem with arena rock – its either a show where you can barely see the performer and you are getting a raw deal all around; or it’s a carnival of cheap theatrics that the performer has added to have something you can see. More fireworks instead of hits!

What it is NOT is a good show with great music where you are close enough to the stage to both hear and see the music performed! Sometimes your seats are so far away that the sight of the performer reaches your eyes before the sound!

Part of the music revolution advocated by Musea, is to bring back good concerts in smaller venues at better prices. Time to dump the excess middle man fees, media tickets, and all the rest of the mess that keeps us from fun concerts.

THEN broadcast the smaller theater, more intimate, more fun, livelier concerts over the net and let a 2nd audience join in the fun. (Pay or for one time free or … whatever that artist wants to do.)

Bring back the smaller venues. Live music should be more than big corporations treating their customer as wallet carrying cattle. Live music should be fun again.


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