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Why Aliens will look like Earthlings

January 10, 2019

Why will ALIENS almost surely look like EARTHLINGS?

Two words, CONVERGENT EVOLUTION – in this case it works for two planets!

For life to start there must be a planet in the Goldilocks zone. That includes a temperature range that allows for liquid water.

But it must also have a certain atmosphere.
When the planet is too big, like Jupiter, it has the wrong atmosphere. When the planet is too small, like our Moon, it doesn’t hold in an atmosphere. Wrong atmosphere, wrong chemistry – no life.

That means that life planets always have THE SAME GRAVITY!

That means that the life on those watery planets with the same gravity will have life that faces the same natural selection as our planet.

That means that life anywhere will evolve to the best ways to: SWIM, WALK, FLY, and BURROW!

Convergent evolution means they will come up with virtually the same solutions to how to best swim, walk, fly, and burrow, that life did on Earth.

SO, if aliens are ever found, they should be much the same as life on Earth – CONVERGENT EVOLUTION!

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The Boy Had Seen A Frightening Movie

November 26, 2015

Still working on my big sci-fi novel titled “Writings in Science”. Here’s a short poem that will be part of it.


The boy had seen a frightening movie
with aliens pictured as bloodthirsty monsters.
But his father said, “Son rethink your fears.
Listen to me carefully and I will explain.

If they are advanced enough in technology
to travel to Earth then somewhere in their history
they must have discovered the parts of the mind
that work in tandem or conflict sometimes.

And learned how to merge them into one self.
End the inner war, not project it on others,
which ends the conflicts and the violence,
and the need for domination.

In essence if smart they’ve already learned
the technology necessary to live in peace.
And the smarter they are, the more loving they are
because it’s through love that the fittest survive.

And it is love that builds up wisdom
enough to prosper and think up rockets. ”

Where might messages from Aliens be on the electromagnetic spectrum? (new ideas)

May 29, 2013

Where is alien life hiding along the electromagnetic scale? OR most likely to contact us?

Look for life in the electromagnetic spectrum at 260 nm instead of the radio spectrum. DNA bases have an average UV absorbance maximum around 260 nm.
Aliens would know that too.
UV and Bases link

What Might Alien LIfe Look Like? (you might be surprised)

May 4, 2013

What might aliens look like?  There are a lot more restraints than you might think. Go to my new wordpress post that has my bio ideas and see the LAST ENTRY

Musea Zine Issue #185 Aug/Sept/Oct Released

August 15, 2012

Dear Readers,

The new issue of Musea is out and about and prowling the night! … at the usual suspected locations! AND webmaster Matthew has posted it on the Musea website (see below).

This issue is not for those children that are too young, or women who have ever had the vapors ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Here’s the intro to the ish:

This issue of Musea is an adventure story for the kids…. but only brave kids because…. well you will be plenty scared – and NOT just from reading poetry!!!

Now … still time to leave the room ….
OK for those brave souls left, here is the start of LIBRARY BOOK, a kid’s story in VERSE:


I woke up sweating
and shivering too!
My library book
was overdue!

I know what you’re thinking
‘How could you forget?’
But hear the whole story.
There’s more to it yet.

The day turned dark.
A storm was approaching.
I missed my school bus,
and was stuck with walking.

Everyone was gone,
even that bully, Bratty.
I was there alone
with a wind that was rattling.

The clouds got blacker.
The leaves were like bees
swirling in circles
and stinging my face.

I raised my hands
to protect my eyes;
but, through my fingers
I saw in the sky…

For more of this issue (or hundreds of more issues and articles from the Musea Web Vaults) click on this

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