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Texas Video Showdown: Hunkasaurus versus Taylor Swift, Madonna, and Katy Perry

May 21, 2015

Hunkasaurus and his cheap bad video with his beat up standard guitar, and no giant set behind him but a blank wall, representing all the thousands of indy musicians, has challenged Taylor Swift, Madonna, Katy Perry, Bieber, etc., and their very expensive recent videos, to a video showdown.

Hunkasaurus  says his video is not as pretty or trendy or well produced, or as filled with famous people,, but that it is better music,  because it’s just music – one take, one guitar, one revolution. Compare this with the most recent cameo full, very expensive productions of Madonna,  Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.

VOTE:  By going to the video below.  Thumbs up is a vote for Hunkasaurus.  Thumbs down is a vote for Swift, Madonna, and Perry.

Recent major production videos by Taylor Swift, Madonna, and Katy Perry, may be the videos that jump the shark for mainstream musicians.  Not because they are bad, They are ok, and a lot like most of all the other mainstream videos; but because each is such a big production that no other musician can match it.  Hey pop musicians, where do you go from this? You can’t do bigger than these 3. You can’t pack videos with more stars.  The only direction is back to basics.  That’s the Hunkasaurus message, combined with a little rebellion, excitement, and fun! Photo 1