The Slush Pile Strikes Back

The Slush Pile Strikes Back, The Underground Literary Alliance Anthology, Edited by Steve Kostecke and Wred Fright.

The ULA, the Underground Literary Alliance, was an underground writers group of the 90’s – during the zine explosion, the last golden age of literature before the internet.

The ULA was started and led by Karl “King” Wenclas who tried to gather writers like himself, opposed to what mainstream publishing had become.

During that era the ULA put out the Slush Pile an anthology of work from the group of ever changing writers. i was pleased to be a part of it.

Steve Kostecke who started the Slush Pile, wrote in his Editor’s Rant, Slush Pile #4: “Our main criticism is that American literature and letters has become professionalized, elitist, art-destructive, corrupt, meaningless, soulless,and just plain crazy sick to look at.”

Wred Fright, one of the long time writers has done all the heavy lifting and assembled this analogy of Kostecke’s ULA, Slush Pile. It contains 30 writers and 150 pages of writing.

My favorites include:

Short poems by Susan America, “Harassed By an Automobile Offender While Biking Through Chinatown”, Brady Dale, “This is Not Your TV Show”, Mark Sonnenfeld, “Zine Worker”, and Mark “Brunetti” Baird, “Atheism.”

Editorials and rants on writing included: Steve Kostecke, “Editor’s Rant SP #4, Jeff Potter, “The Loser”, and Adam Hardin, “Profiles in Fraud: JFK & the Pulitzer Prize.”

Short stories included; Crazy Carl Robinson, “Life in the Hotel in the Spring of 2004”, and my entry, Tom Hendricks, “The Dream.”

There is a lot to read, some fine covers by Yul Tolbert, and inspiring words from Wred Fright. For mature readers. You can find it now online at

Recommended as good writing, and an important part of the zine revolution. Tom Hendricks.

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5 Responses to “The Slush Pile Strikes Back”

  1. David Says:

    Hey Tom, I used to pick up your old zines at the theater in Dallas and wondered if there were an archive of them? I was more interested in your movie reviews from back then, and also wondered if you ever kept up with that reviewing films from the 90s, 2000s, etc. I always found them interesting.

    • musea Says:

      Hi. Yes Musea is still here and publishing on the arts and media revolution . Movie related articles are on many sites. Start with the main site, , or Wikipedia entry, or the website for Musea, or here on my wordpress blog, see topics on right side. My biggest movie project was a best film guide of all films from 1880s to 2,000 that covered 3 issues of Musea. Best wishes Tom

  2. David Says:

    Thanks Tom. I was interested in your movie project most. I remember picking up issue #85 of your zine Musea (I believe it was) which was the introduction to movies, I believe when I was at the Inwood theater once, and still have that copy. I wondered if you were on Letterboxd? I always found that issue handy when looking for movies and it was well thought out. Best of luck and I’ll look into the links you provided. Somehow you should collect or collate all those movies zines into one place, I think it would be invaluable for other movie fans. I wondered if you had ever seen the film/doc, Cinemania? Thanks again.

    • musea Says:

      Thanks, the complete movie guide is on, with most movie related articles on the Musea blog. The problem is I’m doing work in numerous arts and other fields, and concentrating on one, takes away from ten others. If you or anyone you know would like to collect them in one site please let me know. I’m not on letterboxd. Will keep an eye out for Cinemania.

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