Some Spiritual Poems

4 Spiritual Poems

Great religions have metaphysics
ethics and rituals.
On two of those most disagree,
but ethics seem universal.

Some people say that those
who die too early become
angels and walk the Earth
living out their lives
helping all they meet.

Let’s say one life
is the length of 2 twilights.

Some of us are born
into the dark night
and know no day.

While others are born
with the rising Sun
and watch it peak,
set, and release.

He uses
his crutches
to fly.


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One Response to “Some Spiritual Poems”

  1. musea Says:

    Poor ugly Janet J.
    not a redeeming thing in her face,
    not a body that boys would crave
    passing her by on their way.

    Poor ugly Janet J.
    cared for the blind who didn’t mind
    what she looked like, or the features of her face,
    or the fashion she wore day to day.

    They fell in love with the words she spoke.
    They knew her warmth and her graciousness.
    They loved her charm and each one fought
    in his own way to win her heart.

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