Musea Quizzical 12/17

The answer to, and winner (if any) for, our last contest question of:

What is this … ?

IS …

An ellipsis! Three dots ( … ) that suggest continuation, are called an ellipsis! So easy! I had no correct eligible answers. Seems we had a case of un- punctuated equilibrium … in the brain! I don’t dumb down so please wise up.

Now on to a new Q.: Win a copy of any of my 9 CDs, a streaming copy of one of my 6 books, or copy of one of my artworks, IF you are the first to …

E-MAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS: tom-hendricks @ (remove blanks of course) with the correct answer to the following art question .

DEDICATION: These contests are dedicated to my sister, Peggy, who answered more of the questions correctly than anyone else so far.


Sexual harassment is certainly nothing new. This major female actress, wrote this about working at her classic TV series:

“That show catered to every kinky thing imaginable – and no wonder considering some of the writers we had. We had a foot fetishist I’ll never forget. That’s why I was always being photographed in leather boots with my feet stuck in the air somehow. Another one was fascinated by bondage, so for another string of shows I was always getting tied up in some outlandish way. And the leather! God, I thought I’d never get out of all that leather. ”

Name the actress. (Then stop sexual harassment!)

FINE PRINT: The prize is only available to those with mailing addresses in the US. Foreign winners will have to settle for the miniscule fame alone, and the satisfaction of a job well done. But don’t forget you can always listen to all the music , read all my writings, and see all the art, whether you win or lose – and I’d be glad if you did!

Readers, IF you like these puzzles and would like to resend them to friends, post them on any newsgroup, or any website, please do so. The more the merrier!

For all things TH, (music, art, writing, Musea, etc) see

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 25 year old zine Musea)

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