Behind the Music Pie Chart – Streaming is the Future

Seems streaming music is the future of music, and CD’s and downloads the past.

Digital News shows all in a pie chart with commentary.


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One Response to “Behind the Music Pie Chart – Streaming is the Future”

  1. musea Says:

    Take this fact further. What if each artist had a streaming line to his work, and got pennies per play? That would end corporate control of music and open it to talent over promotion. Here is more.

    There is an easy way to get content out of the hands of corporations and back into the hands of the content makers .
    Set up an online pay for play service where clicking on a webpage pays a penny or so to access the work of the artist, musician, writer, filmmaker, architect, dancer, photographer, journalist, scientist etc. This simple step eliminates the entire layer of corporate middlemen, allows any artist of any kind to get compensation, and allows independent media to be free of any ad or sponsors.

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