1,000 Reviews (Short reviews on everything)

More 10th Anniversary Celebration!
1,000 Reviews on Everything!
Fasten your seat belts – its going to be a bumpy ride! We’re surfing through all the arts at 90 reviews a minute. Floor it editor Art!
Key: if there is one or more ‘+’ after the review then Musea likes it, if one or more ‘x’ after the review, Musea doesn’t . * * *
Piet Mondrian quote on innovation, “Experience was my only teacher.’ +. Lack of any universally accepted computer storage process that will last and protect the storage of data as well as books do now xxx. Sandwich tv show programming where the network stuffs a new awful show in between two viewer favorites – it never has worked and has always ruined good nights of tv x. Jailhouse Rock – best Elvis movie. Note ‘E’s choreography in title song number – very TCB +. Quick film cuts never let a shot develop any character of its own x. Commercials that make the customer look stupid and the company as flawless godlike businessmen xx. Young clothes mavens Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig have made a business of taking the best of slightly used clothes from flea markets and modifying them till they are one of a kind boutique-
level clothes ++. NO ADS FOR KIDS EVER xxxx. Coloring black and white film classics xx. AD, Architectural Digest magazine, snobby over ad-a-
fied, but still the leader in home decorating splendor, excess, craftmanship, pretention, etc. +/x. Broadway musicals, phoned in bland choreography to bad music – yawn. The spoofs are more artistic xx. Boy and Girl Scouts +++. Animal shelters as petting zoos – it gives the orphan animals a job ++. Director’s cut – why didn’t you do it right the first time x. Eva Cassidy (wide ranging flawless voice) and Nick Drake (subtle singer songwriter) – two extraordinary talents, virtually unknown to the general public that died way too young ++. Sequels = clone movies xx. Pay satellite radio for your car, XM or Sirius, and you are STILL stuck with ads xx. One out of 5 new drugs, begins with the dosage too high xx. Theme parties like Truman Capote’s black and white party where all had to wear all black or all white +. Party buses that take you from one club to the next or out for a drive in the country – the driver is sober but the passengers are partying safely – ‘You’re either on the bus or you’re off” Ken Kesey +. Story paintings , for ex. Giotto told the story of Jesus, and William Hogarth told comical parables in a series of prints ++. Great pulp magazine sci-fi adventures of the 30’s like the Professor Jameson Space adventures where he, now a brain in a robot body, leads an army of robots through trials and tribulations – by Neil R. Jones – the longest running series of any in the field from ’31-’51 +. Florida theme parks charging $50 a ticket – who can afford but Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck x. Rule – no soldiers under 40. Would stop all wars within hours – “old soldiers never die they send young ones to do it for them” – Art S Rev. ++. Computer manuals filled with either the most obvious stuff ‘how to turn on’ or the most arcane ‘how to print 6 sided banners’ – no wonder there’s Manuals for Dummies xx. Musea website puzzle, “Code Rings On’ from issue #104, is so ‘e-ZZZZ’ but no one has been able to crack the CODE and win the $19 prize – will probably never be solved. ++. Poets – if you don’t make any sense, why write in English. Coleridge in his Essays on Shakespeare spells it out – ‘the first object of a writer is to be understood’ +++. Arab/Israeli conflict – time to bring back the idea of an iron curtain. This time 40′ tall between the two with no doors xx. D/FW pollution – what happened? We used to have a clean metroplex. Now landing on an airliner and you dive into a cloud of carcinagens! Time to talk about it, find and fine the guilty, and end the pollution. xxx. Painting placement – not too close or each looses its attraction. Best exhibits are those that give each work its own viewing area unconjested. +. Where are the new songwriters to match the calibre of the 60’s Dylan, Lennon/ McCartney, (and George too who’s way underatted as a songwriter), Brian Wilson, Jimmy Webb, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones’ glimmer twins, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Laura Nyro, Neil Young, etc. You’d think in 30 years we’d have matched that short 10 year period xx. 2nd day of each month as SHARE DAY. We combat our self-centered gimme world with one day a month to give or share what we have with someone else. +++++. Classic essay writers: Montaigne – Renaissance reasoning, very urbane and humanistic ++, Francis Bacon intellectual studies from a Shakespeare contemporary + Emerson, Ralph Waldo, American school staple is longwinded and hard to follow. I say transcendental this! Read his quotable phrases instead +/x. Drug war, how to solve in one year – the U.S. gov. Goes to Columbia and buys the complete crop at farmer prices, thus , controlling the entire crop. No middlemen sellers, cause no crop to sell. No drug attics, cause no drugs to buy. +++. Paintings celebrating high achievements or notable events – Picasso’s Guernica, Goya’s The Shooting of a Group of Citizens by the Soldiers of Murat on the Night of May 3, 1808, David’s Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine, all ++. High Heel shoes – the west’s version of foot binding xx. Idea – a website that shows all art works of all kinds that are in the public domain ++++. Project Gutenberg netsite is somewhat there with thousands of novels, poems etc. Gutenberg.net ++. Sun Sessions. Sun records was Elvis, Scotty, and Bill plus Orbison, Cash, Jerry Lee, PLUS a lot of minor rockabilly and blues hits that don’t get the attention they deserve. One of the best small labels ++. Now that there is viagra – stop selling ivory as fake aprhodisiacs – save the animals not the tusks, until then xxx. Idea – do a show on Manners for kids like the 50’s Do Bee and Don’t Bee ++. Bureaucracy as a means of de-powering people and stopping positive change through inaction xxx. Quote – “People like to publish stuff on line, but don’t like to read stuff on line’ Charles C. Mann +. Recent Disney Cartoon movies from ‘Lion King’ on are mean spirited and bland at the same time with some of the worst music ever on film xx. Pulp fiction’s best super hero without super powers was Doc Savage and his band of 5. Ken Robeson was the nom de plume of the group of writers that wrote Doc’s adventures. As good as pulp gets ++. Musical group idea – only play covers of TV theme songs ++. Perry Mason TV mystery series (b/w shows only) talked about real issues in detailed cases – not like the bland watered down shoot um up mysteries since. ++. Spelling bees ++. Tax on e-mails, urban web myth x. Early Jackie Chan movies before he came to America ++. The BOX, musea’s idea for the future of computers – with phone, tv,radio,computer,library, etc. All in one (then later in the future in the stem of eyeglasses with the screen being your glasses). See Musea #64 ++.Roswell, Marfa Lights, Lochness Nessie, Big Foot – always some unexplained wonders ++. Musea accountant Les S Moore +. Companies selling your info to others for cash xx. POD, print on demand , new technology offers almost any book in back stock if you can get it programmed in expensive and rare machines ++. Michael Moores documentaries on Corp. Abuses such as “Roger and Me’ ++. Chuck D. Rapper from Public Enemy champeoning the indy musician and listeners on the net ++. NAB, RIAA, FCC, boo to all those letters – and they know why xx. TV ads that use cool rock classics to sell un-cool junk xx. America the Overweight – a crisis of magnitude xx. Restaurant portions – big so they can charge you more – but unhealthy to the max . Obesity for your customers is not a fair business plan xx. Test to see if restaurant food is healthy – how do the regulars look? +. Crank radios – no batteries, just arm power and it runs for hours. Perfect for a power starved planet ++. TV voice overs – always the same few people xx. Corporate art 10 maintaining their monopoly through law suits instead of quality of their products xx. Cover girls that are also major spokes models for big cosmetic companies. Severe conflict of interest xx. Pete Townsend quote, “An artist wants support, response, and affection but also needs reaction, critique, and rebellion.” +.Free college on the net or on videos in the library with a final test in each course to get the elective – similar to correspondence courses. ++.Trip photos, slides, or video? Please edit before showing guests x. Good grammar is slipping away. Schools save the language x. “They’re queer, they’re here, get over it +. Affordable housing , not just in ghettos but in all parts of town, then none looses property values ++. Ferris Wheels never go out of style, London (world’s tallest) Vienna (see film classic The Thin Man) Copenhagen in Trivoli Gardens, or the Dallas version at Fair Park ++.One price pass for rail, bus, or plane rides anywhere in US for summer vacations +. CD jukeboxes filled with 1,000’s of old and new tunes. You program it to burn a CD of your favs either at the store, through the mail, or on the net. +.New American Paintings Magazine – since ’93 has showcased the best of regional painters from the Open Studios Guild +. All Hollywood films as one of 3 formats: action film for men, touchy feely love stories for women, special effects kids films – how predictable and formulaic xx. Too long credits before and after the movie x. Guatamalan textiles and weavings – brilliant colors and patterns ++.Media showing women crying or dead bodies bleeding or snuff films. “Hey tv anchor, would you show your mother and child bleeding crying and dying – xxxx. Bad tv theme songs, excluding The Simpsons, there are not many good ones anymore x. Teeth so artificially white they look like dentures x. A decent unsweetened or diet tea x. Bing Crosby, prolific crooner with so many recorded songs – hit the perfect blend of range, style, seriousness, or leisurely fun ++. Broadway revivals – first it was old plays, now old movies, both new yawns dressed up in vintage clothes xx. Wallpaper on the edge – a few designers are breaking ground with wallpapers with attitude ex. – the now defunct Zurich company X-art +.Why no editorials from tv or radio anymore? Don’t they stand for anything now xx. Men’s fashion – bland for 20 years xx. Musea takes a look at newspapers, issue #73 +. A bankrupt government – its unamerican xxxx. Hey U.S. start a savings account and deposit a couple hundred mill into it each year +++. Texas Art museums that don’t show Texas art xx. KRLD radio – news station seems to have ‘all ads all the time” x. Idea of city currency that keeps the cash circulating in that community ++. Bruce Springsteen – how working class can he be when he became a millionaire at 20? Reality check needed x. Hollywood walk of fame with each square a celebrity – is not something you earn but something you BUY x. Perry Como 60’s tv show had segment where Perry, sitting on stool would sing to a mike – no background just classy simple crooning ++. Soap Operas – smal towns with all residents working at the hospital looking like models? Seems like out of touch, re-runs of Dallas or Knots Landing. Needs shakeup, some better writing, more realistic dialogue and stories xx. ’68 film “Wild In The Streets” where the kids take over, the seniors are herded into concentration camps, and a rock singer becomes president – fun music too +. Local news that covers Hollywood film more than all local arts combined xx. Film Previews limited to 5 minutes (Inwood) +.Mechanical pencils – sooo much better than regular pencils for artists +. “Right now the information highway has a heavy toll” x. The mainstream media’s bias against religion – every story centers on a scandal or cult angle x. Shaker furniture, William Morris wallpapers, Phillipe Stark nightclub designs, Raymond Loehry vehicle designs , Tiffany lamps, Faberge eggs, etc. – design and craftsmanship excellence ++.Part time employees as a ploy for companies to avoid paying full time benefits xx. Media coverage of Union news – non existent xx. Movie product placement – sleasy x. Videos pre-censored by Blockbuster x, without telling the customer – another x. College on line + but present course costs of $200-2,000 is way over priced x. Notable rock guitarists: Jimi Hendrix – best of blues,rock,innovation; Les Paul multi track wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughan just leaving Hendrix’s shadow when he died – ++. “Bud” (Budweiser) beer campaign mixing booze and bad haiku – gives bad name to both x. Painting size – extra small: best for jewelry, book marks, keepsakes, small: best for crafts, tables, book covers and illustrations, medium: narrow walls, small galleries, large: empty walls, extra large: empty rooms +. Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest challenge to compose the opening sentence to the worst possible novel (he wrote “It was a dark and stormy night’) – great annual fun +. DJ’s that can never dislike a song they play – what robots x. And can never have ethnic names – do they hate minorities x. Fort Worth’s 3 gifted ‘shockism’ poets with their pulp fiction style of lit. Robert W. Howington, William Bryan Massey III, and Weasel Boy +.PBS kids show – not really that good any more x. Saturday morning newtork programs for kids – they’re not even trying xx. 7,000 drug deaths from prescription drugs xx. CARP royalties on web radio – a ploy to destroy competion xx. Two mosaics in San Vitale Ravenna Italy: Theodora and Her Attendants, and Justinian and His Attendants – best pair of paintings, best mosaics ++.Companies run by the accounting department – big mistake x. Travis Tritt donates $25,000 to trapped Penn. Coal miners +. But most ultra rich Hollywood stars donate so little to so few – shame on you x. Notable cartoon artists: Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” a classic, Robert Crumb underground comic master (see movie too) Harvey Pekar stories for others to draw – all +++. British Comedies – the best are very good – but lately quality of new ones is thinning out x. Rhythm chords of 60’s classic “Gloria” by Them (with Van Morrison) : EEDA, +. Perfect design for a rug – Maxfield Parish’s “Circus Bedquilt Design’ 1904 +. At the end of SNL’s intro of host, the high screeching sax note – stop it my ears hurt x. Ciggie print ad looks like 50’s pin-up painting – cancer as cool xx. Micro-payments of portions of a cent to view a webpage – allows indies to make cash on quality not ads ++. Mary Kay pink cads – cool +. Senior prices – they have all the money, they should pay their share x. Wallace & Gromit, Felix the Cat, Daffy Duck, Goofy, Donald Duck, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Betty Boop, Simpsons –
great cartoon characters – man can they act ++. Ticketmaster -endless fees and high prices – with the best seats given as promo for insiders xx. Elvira and Ernest movies – fun escape +. Internet jokes – who write these circulated bits +. Edgar Rice Burroughs – all series of books from the most read author of his day: Tarzan series, Mars, Venus, Pellucidar (inner earth), Caprona, etc. ++ Looting of archaelogical digs or pilfering grave stones and statues and reselling them as art xxx. Turn of the Century U.S. composers: Irving Berlin, Rodgers & Hart and/or Hammerstein, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter +++. Media treating the web as either great opportunity for oh-so-nice business or, in the case of indy websites – teeming with child molestors, crooks, terrorists, and Nazis – how slanted and unfair xx. Big wall sized paintings – usually pompous art – painters shouldn’t be able to waste that much canvas until they’ve proven themselves on smaller works x. Sim City – fascinating computer game of simulation of city planning and growth – (turned into a series). Gives you the power and responsibility of running your own city +. Digital photography – not quite there yet x. But would be great for photo booths – take 50 shots (against a blue screen and fill in background through computer later) and choose your favs and make photos of them for cost per photo +. Tattoos – ok if you stay thin, and they don’t fade and you don’t change partners +. Al-Jazeera – indy media source in Arab world must be doing something right – all sides hate it +. Two recent lows “Who’s Talking” baby talking sitcom xx. “Greg the Bunny” puppet talking sitcom xx. Joins the ranks of “My Mother the Car” car talking sitcom xx. Best Shakespeare play, Macbeth +++. Film and amusment park ride cross pollution – Disney’s Country Bears ride as movie or the other way around, Universal’s “Men in Black II” movie as ride xx. Quote from Roger McGuinn of the Byrds on folk music, “The new singer songwriters aren’t doing the traditional material anymore xx. Roger McGuinn’s folk den folkden.com +. Fashion Museums, should be some that support the best of quality clothes in history +. Ads on buses – shows who’s buying city influence xx. Dallas Morning News refuses to tell Musea how to tell press release journalism from hard hitting balanced journalism. Are they getting paid to run these disguised ads? If so how is it listed in the books? Can anyone pay? Perfect example of this scandal of credibility is the Aug 27,02 COVER story on Dixie Chicks new album xx. Now to grade their coverup of this hidden agenda xxx. And in their own editorial of Aug.18 they say “Corporations do have responsibilities, including civic ones” Four more ‘x’s for forked tongued behavior xxxx. Tommy Bartlett Water Ski and Jumpng Boat Thrill Show (since ’52) and any other pyramid building skiers show ++. Awards shows – too much clapping, not enough talent xx. Why can’t you just turn a computer on x. Regional museums: Amon Carter – just renovated – great photo collection and U.S. art, Kimbell, beautifully designed Kahn building houses rich collection of old masters, DMN fancy big building with growing collection of all kinds of art is improving, Meadows Museum, new building better houses exceptional collection of Spanish paintings, Fort Worth Modern – a bit trendy and still sorting things out – Rothko Chapel (Houston) a wonderful visual/ religious experience +++. Arcade games – extremely violent and often owned by the same overlords of all arts – the Big 10 xx. Computer games as industry, has profits that surpass FILMS – a major deal +.Museum shows with too much text to read x. Starbucks for boycotting zines xx. Interns – clever trick to get cheap labor at slave labor prices xx.DJ talk show trick – when you call in you cannot hear them very well – that way they can make fun of you without you hearing it x. Corporate Art request lines only play those requests already on their play lists – try to suggest something obscure and hear their ‘song and dance’ no x. Recent CD covers – kinda bland and unremarkable x. Elgin marbles from Greece are held by the Brits. Sooner or later all indigenous art should be returned to their original countires IF 1. They have the means to preserve it and 2. They have the desire to preserve it. Stop the empirialism and return the loot xx. Term – ‘2D’ art – art that confines itself to painting, drawing, prints, etc. That way quality painter/artists can separate themselves from the mess that conceptual art has become ++. “Lawyer Morals” company morals that state that they will do anything possible to compete as long as the lawyers say it is not illegal – scummy greed xx. TV show you’ll never see on the networks “Top 10 Most Offensive Ads” xx. Websites – a billion sites and nothing on – quality is still pretty low xx. Howard Stern – shock jock innovated the radio concept and does improv. for 5 hours a day with a cast of zanies. That part ++ though inappropriate for kids xx. But 20 minutes of ads every hour destroys any good in the show xxx. The general public – sometimes they refuse to get it, for example “Ironically, many of us couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long for the general public to get excited about e-mail, which we’d been doing since 1970. I was trying to convince people of the value of MCI’s e-mail system in 1983 and people didn’t see why it was so important and valuable” Vinton Cerf, head of team that invented the internet +++, public on e-mail xxx.Film festivals – most turn away the bulk of entries x. Song contests and poetry contests for a fee – scammy x. Road construction – should stop at 2 heavy commute times x. Musea reading fund – thousands of free dollars to help ANYONE buy classic books, recordings, etc. at Paperbacks Plus in Dallas +++. “The Listeners” classic ghost poem by Walter De La Mare +. Glissando – musical term is as pretty as it sounds when done on the harp +.Arabian Night – unexpurged versions of this classic are erotic and smart ++. American Myths: Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, John Henry, etc – big greatness +. DWI 3 times and loose license – get drunks off the road x. Dumpster divers – at least someone is re-cycling +. Gallery system of art – elitist art selling establishments are too often as out of touch as the modern art they peddle xx. Dome viewing cars on trains – nice way to travel +. Nature – walk in, hike through, poems on, respect for, stewardship of +++++. Yves Saint Laurent – the best of clothes designers ++. Geodesic domes – Bucky Fuller has invented an architectural wonder +. Strangers calling me ‘Dude’ or ‘Bub’ x. Too large glasses – bug eyes x. Magazines as disguised shopping catalogues x. Reruns – too many and too few new shows x. Leaf blowers, pollutes air with noise, dust, fumes, and when looking up conspicuous consumption (or anal lawn care) in dictionary, shows picture of – xx. Urban sprawl xxx. Long range goal of internet service as free for all Americans +. Double decker buses as alt to car traffic +. Celebrities that I’ve met that were nice -actress Morgan Fairchild, director Vincent Minelli (very shy), musician Lyle Lovett, musician David Byrne (see later), musician Marilyn McCoo (5th Dimension), Actress Eve Arden, football great Nate Newton,Fr. Film director Claude Le Louche, actor Mickey Rooney – I said,’Hi Mr Rooney,’ he says “Hiya kid hiya!” , comedian Jay Leno (kind to my parents – I haven’t met him) – all ++. Most insecure celebrities – tie: author director Nora Ephron, or Catch 22 author Joseph Heller x. Most standoffish celebs, football great Roger Staubach a little, hair guru Sassoon – a lot x. B.A.N.D.S. after 40 years of Beatle clones, it stands for Bores Against New Developments xx. There is no ‘fun’ in functionalism architecture x. Manufactured rock star tv series – ‘must see, clone tv (when pop singers look more like Janis than Brittney they’ll probably sound more like Janis than Brittney) xx. USPO – doesn’t have to deliver e-mail , that burden is off – so why the whinny price hikes? Is service better because of it? The Post office shouldn’t be making a profit anyway – that cash should go back to the customers in lower fees, or higher service x. NPR – not all things considered. ULA (Underground Literary Alliances) says, “Why do you fawn over conglomerate approved authors yet refuse to communicate with an independent group like the ULA xx. ULA- shaking up the publishing establisment – I’m glad to be a member ++. Devo hats +.Free tv time for political candidates (ex. An hour a week during campaign time) or FCC yanks licenses – its called civic responsibility ++. Lip sync ing concerts – what a jip x. And sometimes records –
double jip xx. 99% rule – laws that hurt 99% to detour the behavior of one xxx. Perfect ex. Is speed bumps – the speeder hits one and avoids the area forever – the residents are punished by them forever x. CEO Stock options – failure rewarded xx. Universal Health Coverage –
sooooooo over due xxxx. DMN art critic Janet Kutner – goofy writing with never an eyebrow raised at the absurdity of most modern art x. Modern art – not modern since 1940’s xx. Becoming enlightened ++++++++++++++++++++++++++.. Music for kids – records or cartoon movie music –
do these composers think kids love bad music more than good – (their music should be just as high quality as the grownups) xx. Cats kill 15 birds each a year – control the cat population to save the bird population x. ISBN – the line in the sand between indy book, chapbook, and zine publishing and corporate publishing. Indys refuse to pay the licensing fee to publish (its a right to publish, not a fee to pay corporations) . Anti ISBN +++. Pro ISBN xxx. TV programs, specially credits, saturated with logos, promos news headlines, ads, etc xx. THE BIG TEN the enemy of every art loving, media loving, fairness loving, freedom loving, soul on earth. The Big 10 companies are trying to monopolize all arts and media xxxxx. For a complete list of who they are and what they own http://www.thenation.com/special/bigten.html
– the list is by The Nation magazine and we salute them for it ++.Coney Island “Dreamland and other turn of the century amusement parks – ++. Musea’s tv guide to the best comedies from the start of tv to 2000 – issue #97 ++. Afterimage Photography gallery. The Dallas gallery may be the oldest all photo gallery anywhere – always great stuff from Ben Breard. ++. Maria Montessori – even long after her death she is still ahead of her time in children’s education. All her books recommended ++. Newspaper photos – artistically poor. Choose better photos when there is a choice x. National Geographic –
breathtaking photos, fun science, and positive support for science projects ++.Newspaper dirty trick of running photo of a person when he is looking his worst – often done with politicians the paper doesn’t support x. Target (Tars-jay) best designed cloths of the discounters + – but for even better selection choose used clothes shop like Salvation Army – all styles from all eras under one roof ++. Prayer in School – yes, if it is a different prayer from each major religion on each day +. No if it is just to support one religion x. Porland, OR bookstores : the mammoth , block-long Powells, plus indies Reading Frenzy, and Counter Media +. Museas ‘Enough rope’, interviewing technique (see Best of, book) +. Isadora Duncan, the pioneer US dancer freed the world from the too-stringent ballet ++.Internet goal – to reach masses of people, not just one person that gets video fast. Not narrow high tech x – but wide low tech +. TV ministries, mesmerizing speakers but they seldom say much of substance other than the donation part x. Instead of us sending them money, why don’t they send us “SEED” money and it’ll come back to them many times blessed +. The right NOT to vote when no candidate offers an improvement ++. The world should reward Brazil for preservation of the Amazon rain forest, vital to all life on the planet +++. Electronics companies switching formats so customer has to re-buy his collection : 45’s, lp’s, cassette, 8 track. CD, VHS, DVD, mini CD’s xx. Conflict journalism – there are daily stories on black vs. White, Arab vs Israeli, but where is the poor vs. Rich stories – that would upset advertisers xx. Story dancing – a technique of telling a story in dance (too often modern choreography is confusing, weird, and bewildering) ++. Most soulful and heartfelt music of the 80’s and 90’s is Gospel music +++. Mass sell off of old books by public libraries xx. Bulk mail red tape is so massive it ruins it for all small publishers xx. Tableaux vivants ,’living pictures’,the dressing up and posing like, famous paintings . Ex. The Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters +. ‘Click and Clack’, PBS car repair talk show – auto mechanic fun+. Roman numbers seem like an affectation x. Arabic number led to all higher math +. Musea E-mail Club, open to all, weekly e-mail updates, assorted rants, and a list of all the things I get ‘in my mail – e and snail’ ++.”Twilight Zone’ 60’s tv show was great sci-fi, horror, and fantasy “to serve man” +. Excess packaging for products to better showoff on the shelf – total waste of natural resources x.Cowboy and Western tv and film heroes (and good singers too) such as Gene Autrey, Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers +. Www.Spaceflightnow great site for up to date space science news +. Idea – if the 10 largest advertisers put a years ad money into a CBA (community bank account) the interest would probably end poverty on the planet +. This ones for zinesters of the 90’s – T.R Miller and his cartoon character Loohey were so maudlin-ly awful that they’ve become a cult classic that all of us still talk about x+x+. Squeezing a musician or painter’s hand too tightly x. Rayotypes – a type of photo invented by surreal photographer/painter Man Ray – place objects on undeveloped film , expose, and see surreal magic develop +. Ammi Phillips, New England limner +. Plus all other refreshing and deeply individualistic American folk art ++. SUV – suburban housewife tanks x. Thorstein Veblen, author of “the Theory of the Leisure Class” invents and defines the word ‘consipuous consumption at the turn of the last century +. TV, radio, and magazines, treating non-targeted audiences (the ones advertisers can’t sell to) as invisible. Where are the shows for poor or over 52, or the non-gullible x. TV show idea, Soapbox, where 1 noted figure each show, can speak his mind without interruption +.Paying for your movie ticket by giving the box office clerk pennies, nickels, dimes and Sacagawea dollars x. Age discrimination where all mainstream actors, musicians, etc. have to be around 20. Where are all the great older character actors x Movie posters – not as artistically done as those painted works from the heyday of Hollywood x. Zine Yearbook – Jen Angel and company celebrating the years best from zines ++. Forbidden Gallery in Dallas – gallery art that doesn’t look like gallery art cause its ,fun, and offbeat – low brow highbrow +. Zine review zines like Zine World (I write for them), Xerography Debt, 10 Page News, Fanzine Fanatique, Zine Guide, Death Ship, etc. +. Idea – Zines have plenty of review sites – other arts hardly any – Musea’s idea of starting an online review site to guarantee fair reviews for all artists of all kinds, anywhere in the world, for a processing fee small enough to not hurt the artists, but big enough to continue and improve the site +++. Catch phrase for such a site “Audition for the World”+. Stephen Jay Gould, writer of smart and fascinating essays on all aspects of biology and evolution +. Home decorating excess – either its the warehouse look where expensive antiques are stacked to the ceiling, or its the minimal look cold and morgue like xx. Children’s book illustrators (see Musea’s guide to best of) +.Textbooks limit the course to one point of view (and in the case of biology it’s usually slanted ) . Dump textbooks x, and use a library of sources instead +.Cometbus Omnibus, a collection of the perzine writings of Aaron, one of the best of zine writers +. “Dear Mr. Mackin” collected letters from this consumer defense corporate poet and one of the funniest and most celebrated zine writers +. Rolling Stone magazine, Joe Siegel –
these film reviewers seem to like everything x. Asking when the midnight film will start x. Junk food in schools – there is a reason they call it junk x. T-shirst with ads – you’re just being a stooge if you’re wearing these and not getting paid for it – the sweatshop workers are getting more x.Great Trinity Forest – the largest unspoiled forest within any major city – Dallas protect this ++.Beannie Babies – cute stuffed toys of all kinds of creatures is bound to come back in style ++. Best autobiographies: “Confessions ” St Augustine, ‘Autobiography of Cellini’, ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’, Darwin, ‘Diary of a Young Girl’, Anne Frank, ‘Autobiography of Ben Franklin’, letters from Van Gogh, ‘Two Years Before the Mast’, Richard Dana, ‘Confessions’, Rousseau. ‘Walden’, Henry David Thoreau, Pepys Diaries, Travels of Marco Polo, all ++. My Davy Crockett watch given to me at age 9 – still works +. Companies that say they MUST pass on all extra costs to consumer – how about swallowing loss, or reducing salaries instead x. Being put on hold by a machine x. ’56 station wagons – cool designs +. Quaker minister Edward Hicks painted 60 versions of “A Peacable Kingdom” +. Microsoft – if they’re so innovative, why can’t they make a computer easy to use xx. Quatro –
the Musea invented form of poetry that takes Haiku a step further with only 4 words (or word phrases) per poem ++. Women’s painted arched brows – too high and you look like a startled doll, horizontal and you look smarter x/+. The Big 5, the 5 recording companies that monopolize the business through lobbying (RIAA) or through lawyer assaults, NOT through quality xx. Media who refuses to ask musicians how they feel that their record companies have to PAY radio to play them xx. Publishers that have to pay bookstores to stock their authors’s books xx. Johnny Weissmuller – the best movie Tarzan +. Histories by W. H. Prescott such as “Conquest of Mexico (1843) and Conquest of Peru (1847) +. World’s largest porch, Mackinaw Island (and car free island too) +. Directors who write their own scripts and musicians that write their own songs – leave it to the pros please xx. Musea product for sale: Dehydrated bottled water from Dallas called, “Big D Hydro-oxy Dehydrated Mixture” – just ad water. With this ad slogan “A breath of fresh air” because people really WILL buy antyhing ??? The most requested film at the box office, “What are we seeing” x. Rule – ads have 3 attempts to invade your home and sell you something – BUT if you don’t buy they must stop the onslaught of phone calls, junk mail, spam, etc. ++.If Apple was going to make a basic computer for the bulk of us: surf, e-mail, print, and some extras; they would have done it by now xx – someone should. One mega store carries 650 brands of cheese – if they carried 600 and by giving up the other 50 we ended hunger – would you do it ??? Guitar distortion, nowadays its innovative NOT to use it x. Almost all paintings are right side heavy, due to our 2 hemisphere brain system +. ‘The Psychology of Keys’ (in music) – the Musea article shows how you can tell the feeling of music just by knowing what key it is played in +. Conceptual art – a joke without a punchline xx. Best fairy tales collections in western literature: Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, La Fontaine, Aesop, Perrault ++. The disease AIDS didn’t originate on the ultra-
rich upper east side of Manhattan, it came from one of the poorest spots on the planet – ending poverty also ends diseases from poverty +++. Slump – broadway, modern dance, opera, radio, tv, films, etc. Everything seems to be in a low period, a funk a dip in the excitment, and poised for something new. This isn’t a golden age of anything xx -except Zines, Mail Art,some Net Websites, and an Art Rev. ++++. Laura Schlessinger Radio Show is OK – hard advice for dreamers and the ethcally challenged +. Most website layouts – too busy, too cluttered – 3 buttons for every page, badly designed, and becoming standard operating procedure x. Dancing style “Hum and Move” the Musea originated style is simplicity itself (follow the directions in the title) – getting dance away from the brink of absurdidy +. People in ads that are so race indistinguishable that they can’t offend anyone (sort of a sepia black-hispanic-white person x. It’s a media goldmine, news story that follows these rules: 1. Doesn’t effect anyone other than a handful, 2. Has 2 equally argumentable sides. 3, Is a scandal. Ex. OJ trial, Cuban kid in Florida, etc. An excuse for the media to avoid real journalism by exploiting tragedy on the grounds that we want it xx. Prolific artists – a key to talent is doing a lot of work – and all the best do ++. City planning that allows growth beyond the one person vision thing +. Reading sections in cafes where no one talks +. Red Cross handling of 9/11 money x. Musea’s guide to the best movies from 1897-2000 with about 5-10 selections per year ++. Radio –
Kid Cradick , touchy feely; Kelly, bitchy; Al, amazed at both of their excesses – watered down Sterne x. PBS radio Prairie Home Companion, fun Lutheran humor in the subtle Bob and Ray way+. FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, media watchdog ++. Robert Stigel cartoons on SNL +. “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. Great music outside of Corporate Art, seems so much more authentic – true for all ‘roots’ music ++. Network TV programming: ABC – touchy feely Disney –
too often false sentiment, CBS – bland programming for the old, ex. 60 minutes, NBC – yuppie network Fox – carnival programming, UPN – Star Trek and some African American sitcoms, WB – teen town x. Musea idea Short Story Films – if a 2 hour movie portrays a novel, then a short story film does the same for a short story – compressed and succinct film storytelling ++. On trendy dressers,’mannequins are the first to wear the new styles’ – Art S Rev. +. Hey Dinosaur rockers from the 50’s 60’s – how about a hit? How can 2 generations of creative genuises go 30 years without a single decent hit among you xx. Expand Fair Park with Musea suggested attractions such as, a board game and cards playhouse where anyone can play all the games+, a FP pool in the shape of Texas +, the worlds largest sandbox with daily buried trinkets for the kids to uncover +, toy house in the shape of a giant Shoe (like in Mother Goose) where kids can rent ‘to play’ toys on those toy grounds +, a merry go round, not of horses, but space ships, comets, Saturn, and the Moon +, State fair Midway all summer, etc. +++. Also note Musea blocks idea in our salute to kids issue #55 +. How come aliens have no fashion sense – except Marvin the Martian from the old WB cartoons +. Crude and rude tv, records, radio is ok in moderation but if no alt. then it is excessive xx. Musea’s essay on English spelling reforms (#42) ++.Fine artist, American painter, Robert Henri’s philosophy on painting, classic, The Art Spirit” +.Betty Paige – best pin-up model +.Musea chapbooks: Art Revolutionary’s Handbook, Moon Tea (children’s poems and stories), Invaders (sci-fi in verse) All About Nothing (G.K.H. Bryant essays) Rating the 60’s Concerts (Woody Stock) The Philosopher (tale by G.K.H. Bryant) Medusa, (the first Greek Play in 2,000 Years), and these recordings: Tom’s Favorites from 12 By 12, and Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar – ++. Plus two larger Musea publications, Portraits (novel about art and artists) Best of Musea the 1st 50 Issues (book) ++. Plus over 100 issues of Musea +++. Songs, “Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night” , Tom Waits, “Time after Time” Cyndi Lauper, and any singles by Bananarama, +. Literary dinosaurs – the same ole same ole in mainstream lit Clancy, King Steel, etc x. DMN idea of turning “Old Red” the restored 1892 Dallas county courthouse, into a museum for the county ++. Public – speak out if you like an artist or his work. Tell them. Most artist’s work enters a black hole of no response . If we do the work, you do the response x. ASCAP and BMI, neither royalty gathering association will support their songwriter members by challenging the 5 company monopoly of music xx. Financial Consultant –
Dickens character Mr. Micawber, “Annual income, twenty pounds; annual expenditure, nineteen pounds; result, happiness. Annual income, twenty pounds; annual expenditure, twenty one pounds; result, misery.” ++. Theater in megaplexes – idea of 4 or 5 theater companies setting up in the same building and offering nightly fair at movie prices for any of 5 different types of plays +++. School Uniforms – yes let’s teach kids that it is imperative to squeeze out any ounce of originality in fashion – and perhaps destroy all other non-group thinking too xx. 20Th centurey poetry – except for Frost and certain classics here and there – a ‘Wasteland” xx. Cartoon by Hoest and Reiner, couple looking at abstract painting, “I think it’s about man’s inhumanity to art” +. NAACP refuses to do much of anything about AIDS or genicide in Africa xx. Country singers Hank William (and a great composer) George Jones, Willie Nelson +. Zoo’s, circuses, rodeos, natural history museums, etc. +. Sothebys and Christies – the two main auction houses were caught price fixing xx. 60’S groups lost in all the great music, Bread and The Association +. How-to painting shows on tv, seldom talk about any art development past 1860 such as Impressionism, post impressionism, cubism, abstraction, – why the time freeze x. Musea’s intro and guide to the internet – issue 70 +. Soft drinks – ok in plastic, better in cans, best in glass bottles x-+. Freedom of speech – priceless +++++. Design of concert tickets – ugly and boring x. Two early 60’s British invasion bands that had great hits then folded; Dave Clark Five and Gerry and the Pacemakers +. After 50 years of fast food – still nothing healthy on the menu x. Best painter couple Diega Rivera and Frida Kahlo (runners up Jackson Pollock and wife, and friends Degas and Cassatt) +. Ansel Adams – cold black and white photos with breathtaking views +. Proofreading job – Finnigan’s Wake by Joyce xxx. Architectural drawings as melodrama, Giovanni Battista Piranesis +. Horatio Alger series of books for kids with pluck +. PBS ads, or rather being too chummy with underwriters xx. Do you think 4 chords is one too many, and a Major 7th is an army officer? If so your taste in music is probably bad – listen and learn x. Magic slates –
the children’s toy is a great tool for artist studies – make a quick study, lift the page and start again +. Best concerts in a theater box office (only concerts in a theater box office) Hunk and PD +. Also note his 27 MP3’s on our website to freely download and for groups looking for songs, Musea has 1,200 compositions in every format ready to record ++. British type mysteries by John Dickson Carr +. Pulp and paperback sci-fi covers from 30-50’s +. Can any artist carry popularity from one decade to the next – it seems hard to do. We’re left with 50’s greats, 60’s, 70’s, etc. ?? Architectural style – the glass box x. Literary fetish – submission = Maugham. Literary obssession – money = Balzac +. Best make-out albums – Jackie Gleason’s orchestra recordings with its soulful trumpets – yes that ‘s Ralph Kramden +. Let’s stop here. More to come in part two – Art S Revolutionary. c. Tom Hendricks 2002. Musea, 4000 Hawthorne #5 Dallas, Tx. 75219. e: tomhendricks474@cs.com . url : http://musea.digitalchainsaw.com


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