Sayings of Editor Art


Once you take greed out of the equation, solutions are easy.

Somebody’s got to get lit out of NYC (and save it.)

Life exists because it has fine tuned itself to fit the environment, not the other way around.

When it comes to the art media, they seem to promote weird over quality. Maybe it’s because weird is easier to understand.

Architecture: cold, harsh rigid, not comforting, not charming, not colorful, not fun, antiseptic and unfeminine. Time for female architects.

There has been no development in poetry in decades because poetry has been reduced to meaningless words, and how can that develop? Big turnover of workers means there is something wrong with the job.

Remember you can’t have a drive by knifing.

A political party can either use their majority to wisely guide the country or to divide it for their own advantage.

He was so guilty we through the entire library at him!

Some complain that if a new idea is perfect don’t try it. I say it may not be perfect , but it is better – try it.

Why do all TV dinners taste the same? They don’t on the box.



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