50’s Records Mattered More than the Live Performances

To those who lived during the early days of rock and roll, we know that it was not the performance that counted, but the records. 50’s rock n roll was about single records, 45s, not playing live. Once you know that then you can understand the era better – rock was seldom if ever on tv, and when it was the sound was awful. Records and radio was all that mattered to us.

The Radio Buildings.


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One Response to “50’s Records Mattered More than the Live Performances”

  1. musea Says:

    Before rock n roll there was the Great American Songbook. Great songs from Berlin, Porter, Gershwin, etc, but any good singer could make a hit from them.
    When rock n roll came along only the record mattered. No other group could copy the Frankie Lyman hit, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and matter. It was the record that counted.
    Then too even at oldies shows when the exact same star sings his hit record in the exact same way as best he can – it ain’t as good as the record.

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