The Vision of the Child Prophet


I had a fever
and went to bed early.
I was restless
but finally I fell
into a deep slumber.
I dreamt I could fly
and went to the garden.
Night was there
and I was ready.
Up I flew
leaving the ground.
So many bright stars
shinning everywhere.
So close each one
the size of my pockets.
So I reached out
with arm and arm
and touched one star
and then another,
and there was a jolt!
And with the energy
that they gave me,
I could fly further.
And so I flew
all through the heavens,
and night passed
in an instant.
I woke to the Sun
beginning to peek
through my window
filling the room.
Morning is here
and everywhere else.

This was written at the end of my work on the sci-fi novel Writings in Science. I decided not to include it, and thought it would be best to stand on its own.


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