Compare Two Versions of God Bless The Child.

My one voice, one guitar, one revolution, music idea is one way to get music back to basics, and get much more passion into the music.

That’s why it was so much fun to find that I was not alone. I found a one voice, one guitar duo that often did the same style.

Sara Niemitz, vocals, and W. G. Snuffy Walden, guitar, have done a lot of recordings. She is a very attractive popular singer with a very expressive voice, that does a lot of styles, and he is not only a great guitar player, but has an accomplished and long running music career.

Here is their version of God Bless the Child, followed by my own.

Both songs the same, both versions featuring one voice and one guitar. I

hope you’ll enjoy both.

Sara Niemitz, and W. G. Snuffy Walden

Hunkasaurus and Pet Dog Guitar.


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2 Responses to “Compare Two Versions of God Bless The Child.”

  1. reality Says:

    Sorry, when it comes to blues, especially older blues, I prefer the more traditional, female vocalist, singing it straight blues for a R + B, or Blues Club; as opposed to the modern mellow skat stylings of your version- this while yours is probably more appreciable among your average listener. Thanx. reality, james m nordlund

  2. reality Says:

    Oops, my responsibility, if you talk to her, knowledge on Earth is on a need to know basis; most don’t need to know so they don’t. Our solutioning with reality increases in it’s concentration, the more we struggle within, with reality, ourselves, etc.. For example if one dashes, their struggle within themselves and with reality is answered with greater wind. What isn’t said, isn’t sung, yet, jogging can loosen the interest in what’s inside us that goes unspoken to be…; and the increased wind beneath our wings can, because like attracts like- bring that to attract the increased wind within our lungs, allowing it to be sung. reality

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