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Savanna (art)

September 27, 2016


Here are the Latest Adds to the Big LIst, first best music of the entire net – list

September 26, 2016

Not enough jazz songs. So I start these additions with some greats.

Best Billie Holiday Recordings: Just about anything from the years of 1937-1938. (yt.)

Best Dizzy Gillsespie: “And Then She Stopped,” any version. (yt.)

Best Song by a President: Lester Young, “Mean to me.” (yt.)

Best Smooth: Sade, “Nothing Can Come Between Us.” (yt.)

Best Nat King Cole Trio cover: Diana Krall vocals, Russell Malone on guitar. “You’re Looking at Me.” (yt.)

Most Sincere Love Song With Harp: Bjork vocals, Corki Hale harp, “Like Someone in Love.” (yt.)

Any Gershwin. Take your pick of thousands of performances by thousands of musicians. (yt.)

Favorite Schumann Short: Many versions. For example: Elly Ameling singing, Jorg Demus on piano. Liederkreis, op. 39, #8 “In der Fremde”

Favorite Vivaldi Short: Four Seasons, Summer, Presto – Storm. Versions include, David Garrett, violin version, Emre Sabuncuoglu , guitar version, OR any full orchestra version.

“BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song – First Worldwide Best Music List)
Here are 200 great tunes you probably have not heard – notice they are in all genres, from all over the world, are great songs, and stand out – not fit in.
They deserve as much attention as any pop song. Then too if you don’t like say 50 or so of these, there are still 150 great ones left for even the pickiest listener.

Sculpture in paintings

September 23, 2016

Here are some pieces of sculpture, paintings.

Three Symbols.

Painting as a piece of sculpture.

Flame – Candle Sculpture.

Man Sculpture, based on another artist’s sculpture.

Sayings of Editor Art

September 23, 2016

More news and views from Musea’s Editor Art S. Revolutionary. (

Talent takes you to the top, but hard work can get you to the professional level.

What dark cloud did you step down from?

One thing modern art is not, is charming.

Child: All these sculptures are in black and white!

Phogiston has a future! (from my sci-fi novel WIS).

The 20th century was a century of experimentation in art. Now in the 21st we can choose from all those styles and or start one of our own.

This is the greatest sci-fi novel ever written, and I’m being humble!

Election sum up, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Delete.

CBA’s, Community Bank Accounts, will end poverty but are not welfare. They are another method of economic development. Most economic development supports rich companies then trickles down. CBA’s are economic development from the poor and builds up. CBA’s are better for more people at less cost.

Remembering is easier than forgetting.

Two Paintings of Toy Dolls

September 21, 2016


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