War is Losing!

War is losing.

This article from medium.com says that war is on the decline, and the number of wars going on are limited to one area of the globe.


There is no reason not to think war could continue to decline. There is no reason not to think that war could end in our time.

I’ve said before: Remember the enemies of this country know that the quickest way to drain the strength of this country is to keep it in perpetual war. That saps our resources, standing in the world, best and brightest young people, and spirit. It also allows the government to silence many of it’s critics – which it often does in even small wars.

So what could replace war? First there are options to war. Here are 8 to start.

Before the US gets directly involved in any way, in any conflict or war, anywhere, we need to do the following 8 steps.

1. Let the combatants solve it – if they can’t
2. Let regional leaders and neighbor countries solve it – if they can’t 3. Let the UN solve it – if they can’t
4. US put pressure on combatants to solve it – if they can’t
5. US put pressure on regional leaders and neighbor countries to solve it – if they can’t 6. US put pressure on the UN to solve it – if they can’t
7. US put pressure on our allies to work with us to solve it. THEN and ONLY THEN should the US even consider getting directly involved.
8. But consider too that the cost of one war would end poverty in the US. Weigh the two options carefully. Would fighting this war really be better for US interests than ending poverty in the country?

Before we decide to do another war we should both consider what it does there and what it does HERE. Remember the cost of one middle east war would have ended poverty in the US through CBA’s community bank account. Which would have better protected the interests of this country- bombing over there or no poverty here? That’s the other side of this issue.

This video shows how the cost of one war would end poverty in the US through community bank accounts – by using the interest on the money, not the capital – a penny is never spent, but poverty is eliminated.

One Response to “War is Losing!”

  1. reality Says:

    First, war is just the almost ultimate expression of the results of the delusional constructs of materialism fostered to the point where they are the raison d’etre of humanity, instead of consciousness raising; for e.g., crony capitalism, hostile corp. takeovers, corp. liquidations, access to, and protection of oil wars, unending unnecessary wars, etc.. Second, the oligarchs extreme avarice run amok has determined their self-possession has reached a level of a Caligula (A.D. 12 through 24, Roman emperor) like state, in which they’re the head of the actual religion of this country that all other worshipers, disciples, practitioners, supposed students of all other religions, world-views, spiritualities, world origin to regenisis stories, arts, sciences (including, if not especially, atheists), actually worship, the bi-headed supposed God, one, the false God of mammon, avarice to extreme wealth, head number two, the false God of moloch, violence through war (most forget, we used to know, we shouldn’t grind up the seeds), they aren’t your average sociopathialists, merx for more, through to your militarists, mercs for unending war, they’ve unbecome la machine unincarnate, as Oppenheimer so accurately pointed out, “we’ve (un) become, Kali, the destroyer of worlds”, and, “are lovin’ it, dah, da, du, da, dune”. It’s news in this regard as well, their processes, as all of the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary processes, have a plethora of aims (one is the propagating of their supposed business practices panacea, increasing the ‘bottom line’ at almost any and all costs, as is the propagation of oligarchic lifestyles, attitudes, like decadence, utter disregard for life, vampirism, cannibalism, materialism supposedly existing and it supposedly being good, etc.; also fear, related to an individual’s need to survive, at minimum, in a capitalist society, as a life organizing principle, in terms of sociological programming, on a subconscious level as well), one being to work towards what the oligarchy considers a perfection of their not see desires, roll the country back, a la Citizen’s United, etc., to a time where the oligarchy rules (not just back to the 1950’s, which is the desire of remocrats (the supposed opposite, in the supposedly only legitimate political spectrum, that is the duopoly, of the dempublicans), and their more extreme leaders, the tea-partiers), like the ‘robber-baron’ predominant half-century of the united suck of assassins history, epitomized by the ‘roaring twenties’ dictation of ‘Black Tuesday’ stock market crash and the following great depression; ergo, their determining to dictating control of the plutocracy through dark money, etc., through their consolidation and centralization of the multi-media conspiracy, in terms of ownership, influence, effect, etc., through their devolutionary processes in the societal to sociological programming of the populace, etc.- ergo, determining like minded oligarchs will take their fast shit, at minimum, to not see unwork to the next level of extremism, and completely cut out the middle-man plutocrats, oligarchs usually have to buy, and run and win public offices themselves, like in the past, and so you have the Schmonald. But, let’s not forget that war isn’t only the most extremist b-line to wealth that exists (from the destruction of the Earth predominantly), it’s also the needed segue to the globalization of militarization of Gov’ts, so the corporate structure’s convolution’s devolutionary direction can realize its ‘final solution’, the cannibalizing the whole of the Earth (before the evolution and humanity can rise to stop them), to manufacture spaceship colonies to attempt to escape the extremity of their crimes against the Earth by doing it to other planets; of course, the gravity of their atrocities will not allow them to escape the gravity of our Sun- and their judgment will be burning up before the it. An injustice to any is an injustice to all, and if it isn’t address individually, it becomes a global injustice as well.  “You can’t struggle with the man’s house (mansion) using the man’s tools”, Audrey Lourdes, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, “the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science”, Gandhi.  No one must be conned by the convolution, divide and conquer only works on the divided, life is indivisible, as your potential is illimitable. reality

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