5 Autobiographical Songs

5 autobiographical songs.
They say write about what you know. So here are songs with personal lyrics. Hope you enjoy them.

Four guitar/voice/backgrounds, and one full band song from the 80’s

1. AOL Can Go and Tank Tomorrow
This is about indie versus corporate music.

2. Musical HIstory of TMH aged 15-31
Long title explains it well. And I sing on….

3. We Are The Kernels of the Popcorn Patrol
This is about my days at the Inwood Theater.
I always thought this would be a good concession stand theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_EKYa68R_I

4. Peace Sign
60’s Protest.

5. Dallas, This Town Lies in the Future.
Full band on this one about how Dallas may be the center of change in the arts.

This music is on i-tunes, amazon, CD Baby, and most of the rest of places.


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