Sayings of Editor Art (some recent ones.)


Now we type with our thumbs.

Norman Rockwell was a photo realist.

The one thing about outsider art is that there is no pretense in it.

How can some one say they love our country but still allow pockets of poverty in it?

The only steel in a room of cardboard.

I require my books in my library to be alphabetized by punctuation marks.

Most people think poetry should ), not make sense, b) … well nothing matters after that.

The first job of a critic is to be able to separate what he likes from what is quality. The two are not always the same.

Q. Must have been fun living in the 60’s?
A. The cutting edge was great, but the bulk of the world was stuck in nochange from decades before.

A great painting gets better and better. A bad painting begins to irritate.


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