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TH Museum – Another Drawing

July 31, 2016

TH Museum

July 31, 2016

This building design is for fun and maybe the future.
I designed a museum for my art works.

This drawing shows a front view, and a side view of the one building.
The overall design is very simple, but there are some touches that give it some style.

The seven or so story building has a pitched red brown roof, with 3 gables on the front and back.
There is also a high border where the top part of the building is slightly smaller than the large part under it.
The vast expanse of the front of the building may have a ribbed facade to give it some texture.
The main door down on the right has an awning over the double doors that are about 10-12 feet high.

The building on the right shows a side view, with a long, very long green blue partitioned window.
This tall window feature under the curved bricks at the top, is the same on both sides.

The fence is sculpture based on a beautiful Masai fence. It’s free form takes some of the rigidness out of the museum building.
It starts at one side and curves around the back to about half or two thirds of the back. There are about 12 upright posts.

Let’s go inside. There are four separate paths that wind down from the top from floor to floor. Each will have a fourth of the art on display.
The visitor can see one of the four, take a break, see another, and so forth. Each takes about enough time to be fun without being too much.

What do you think? Would this be an art museum you would like to visit?


July 30, 2016

Here are three drawings of hands.

Wiki college, Wikiversity

July 21, 2016

Dear Musea Readers,

For years now i’ve suggested a Wiki-college.

Summary: Here is a way to get low cost college to anyone in two words. Wiki-College.
Best teachers, video tape their courses, open up chat rooms to discuss lessons, tape them as they accumulate,
have a final for a fee where part goes to wiki and the other part to the teacher. That’s teacher residuals from now on.

Looks like they have been working along those lines for some time with Wikiversity.

Here is a list of courses available.

They seem to be only steps away from being an online college. Hopefully this can lead to online college where
courses are free, and the final test for a course accreditation is low, say $30.

Three Songs With a Literary Connection

July 21, 2016

Here are 3 of my recordings, original songs with some literary connection. The first two are originals.

1. ALICE.This one builds on her going through the looking glass.

2. TRISTAN AND ISOLDE. My folk song about the famous lovers.

3. SUMMERTIME. Perfect for this time of year. The song is from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.

Best when you use headphones.

When I was recording these, I made a point of making the lyrics easy to hear and understand. The first two are originals. Thanks for listening.


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