“You Can’t Read This!” book for kid’s

This is an idea for a Kid’s book. When you tell them they can’t read something, they want to more.
This is titled, “You Can’t Read This”. Let there be a single line to each page, with illustrations of a pompous adult saying the words.


I wrote a kid’s book,
“You Can’t Read This!”
Start with the first page.
Look and see.
There’s too many words,
and most you don’t know,
and there’s not enough pictures,
and some of the sentences,
like this run together,
and it’s written for adults,
and forbidden for kids;
because as I’ve said,
and you weren’t listening,
or able to understand,
so let me repeat
again if I must.
This is not a
book for kids,
and if you have
read it so far,
you were just looking
at the pages,
still not listening.
You need to know
that though you think
you can read this,
I bet you can’t
cause as I wrote
long ago
on previous pages,
there’s too many words
with more up next:
This is the End.
(of the book.)


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