Past 2,000 views on TeXas Video Showdown

Dear Musea Readers,

Yesterday my TeXas Video Showdown, Worst video ever made, past the 2,000 views mark.

It is my protest against the 3 CEO’s controlling music and only promoting teen pop.

The Texas Music Office has shown support, among others.

Texas Video Showdown – one indie challenging corporate music.

Thanks to the first 2,000 people who came to support all indie musicians. Don’t like sound alike music? Then visit or visit again, keep the count climbing and vote for indie musicians!

Why the worst video ever? When you have to spend thousands to make a video, that means 99% of musicians can’t have careers. It’s a way to keep the music safe, generic, and corporate. Hunk’s video protests all this and the fact that only 3 men control the music industry (Warners, Sony, Universal).


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