Fair Review Website Would Change all the Arts

Dear Readers,

This is an idea from the Musea Vaults that has more value now than ever. It concerns fair reviews for the arts.

First the bad news. There are thousands of artists, musicians, painters, writers, actors, dancers, etc. that are struggling, while a few make millions.

What is missing in all their careers is reviews. Take a musician like myself. I can never get a review in Rolling Stone or Spin, or any major national magazine. I have gotten a blurb in Texas Music, and that is a big deal for me, though few saw it. I can’t get anything in the local Dallas press anymore and even the few times I’ve been mentioned, no one responds, it’s never very insightful, and even if it were, that issue is gone in a day or a week. So for me it is no big reviews or press ever, and the small mentions that I sometimes get, are not seen by many.

What’s left. Here is a goal of mine – a review site that charges a processing fee, that reviews everything you got. And your review for your work, would cost the same as the biggest stars in music, and you would get the same attention. That would put online everyone, and I mean everyone, who needed a fair review. The costs for the site would come from the processing fees that would in no way influence the review, so no ads ever.

Then if the site does fair reviews, and at a fair price (say $20 processing fee.) And the fair and serious reviews are quickly done and posted, you would change the world.

Some say there are sites like that now. No site does it like that. They all charge too much, or take too long, or set up too many roadblocks, or end up fake, or it’s a pay for a good review scam, or they don’t know what they are doing, etc.

But that simple thing, A FAIR REVIEW FOR ALL would change music (as well as all the arts) overnight, and quality would trump any amount of corporate money or influence.

Tom Hendricks

More on this youtube video from 5 doors to the art revolution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEjARg4xvwo&feature=related


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