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The Monkees Just Released a new CD

May 30, 2016

The Monkees have just released a new CD , May 27th called Good Times.

So I thought I would feature the 3 songs, I’ve recorded that were first made famous by the Monkees.

Last Train to Clarksville.

Forget That Girl

For Pete’s Sake

Tom (Hunkasaurus and HIs Pet Dog Guitar)

Nine More Entries in the Big Music List (Best music of the net).

May 27, 2016

Dear Musea Reader,

We have 9 more entries in the Big List

Best Hank Williams Concert (not by Hank Williams): “Hank Williams The Show He Never Gave, ” a 1980 biographical film staring Sneezy Waters. (yt.)

Best Two PIano Showoff: Hazel Scott, from the 1943 film “The Heat’s On.” plays “Black & White are Beautiful.” (yt.)

Best Western Rope Dance: Eleanor Powell, from the 1942 film “I Dood it.” (yt.)

Best Dance Lessons On Video: James Brown. (yt.)

Best TV Series Ending Song: The Larry Sanders Show, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” sung by Shawn Colvin (1998) .

Best Bohemian Rhapsody on Classical Guitar: Steve Bean. (yt)

Best Silly Love Song: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Linda McCartney, Eric Stewart., “So Bad.” (yt.)

Best Prince Guitar and Voice Set: Prince, “Prince MTV Unplugged 2004”. (yt.)

Most Heartfelt “Two Broke Girls” Song: “And the Sax Problem,” (2016). Caroline (Beth Behrs) sings, “God Bless The Child” with Earl (Garret Morris) on saxophone (?) on the NYC subway. (yt.)

The Great Artist (art series)

May 27, 2016

Start with a portrait

Then add an abstract.

Then combine the two works.

Net School of Art

May 27, 2016

Web Readers,

Today at the bookstore, it came to me in a flash. We painters, we artists are a new school, and we don’t even recognize it!


We are a school of artists, that have in common that we primarily show our art on the net.

We are the first generation to do this. We are not impressionists, or surrealists, or any other ‘-ists’. We all are members of the Net School of art or the Web school of Art.

This movement of art covers all TYPES of art, there are no barriers, and all are invited. Quality not genre seems to be the biggest draw.

Then I began a first list of some of the MEMBERS. Here is a starter list of those that I know and whose work I see on the net, almost every week. Who did I forget? Who did I miss? Who else wants to join the list?

Gregory K.H. Bryant
David McGhee
Eli Plater Shaw
Jimmy Gordon
C. F. Roberts
Llori Bryant-Stein
Yul tolbert
Scott Krakowski
Blair Wilson
Ace Backwards
The Stuckists
The Artist of the Buddha Series
Kayleen Yiltalo Horsma
Kenneth Joaquin
Tim Paulve
The Artistic Blog Artists
The Abstract Pencil Artists
Artist’s World Artists
Tom Hendricks.
and ….

My Mystery Novel

May 24, 2016

My Mystery Novel,

My mystery novel
is all punctuation.
It’s title is “?”.
And the first page is blank.
At the end of each chapter a “,”.
Then the denouement with a “!”.
And the final word
at the end is “.”.

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