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Painting and Sculpture (painting collage)

February 27, 2016

Serenade of the Moon

February 27, 2016

Sit here beside me.
It’ll be here soon.
It comes out of nowhere,
serenade of the moon.

Night after night
it plays its tune,
the much celebrated
serenade of the moon.

First loud as a bell,
then soft as a loon,
the waxing and waning
serenade of the moon.

(From Writings in Science, a History of the Future,
A novel in stories, essays, poems and play.)

Kesha versus Sony

February 22, 2016

Dear Musea Readers

Pop Star Kesha has been having a lot of trouble with her record company Sony. Check your favorite news source for the details

Part of her problem, the part that I want to talk about, is that Kesha’s contract with Sony (one of 3 record companies left, Warners, Universal, Sony) demands three more albums.
Here is my suggestion for how she can fulfill her contract and leave Sony for good.

Kesha, make three spoken word records.

Let the first be all about what led up to your trial.

Let the second one be about what happened at the trial and the outcome.

Let the third one be on why you hate Sony.

That would end your contract…. fast.

For me, I don’t think any record company should hold a musician against their will. How does that help either side?

Ace Backwords Blog Milestone

February 22, 2016

My zine Musea often featured a cartoon by Ace Backwords on our back page. He has since added his 50th page of his blog, Acid Heroes.
See it for lots of information on his life, his work and the 60’s life in San Francisco. Congratulations to Ace Backwords, and continued Success.

This Boy (poem and art)

February 20, 2016

This boy
likes to live dangerously,
likes to make monsters his friends,
likes to go prowling
with or without a moon,
likes to court trouble
and make him an ally,
likes to visit edges,
or climb over fences,
or swim out to sea
and not look back.
This boy
likes to live dangerously.

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