Stop Endless War

President Obama, in his speech said something I have been saying for many years. I applaud him for openly saying that endless war over there, hurts us here.

Here are some of my posts on this topic:

Remember the enemies of this country know that the quickest way to sap the strength of this country is to keep it in perpetual war. That saps our resources, standing in the world, best and brightest young people, and spirit. It also allows the government to silence many of it’s critics – which it often does in even small wars. The most powerful country in the world is now the most afraid.

Which better guarantees security for the US; another war in a distant land, or ending poverty within the US permanently. They both cost the same.

Keeping the US in endless wars, and in middle east conflicts, will not improve anything – many seem to suggest that success hasn’t happened for a decade but it’s about to change if we just invade, bomb, and spend more.

The real courage is a leader that will say no to endless war! Why does anyone think that even though 13 years of bombing didn’t work, the 14th year will – in an area that has not been at peace for centuries ? That’s more cuckoo bird than hawk

What are we fighting for? Why are some of our enemies now on our side? These regional conflicts have been going on for centuries – so why do we think we can solve them now? This mess is partly the result of the mess we started when we were so ready to go to war 13 years ago. Isn’t there a lesson there? Notice that many Asian countries don’t want to get involved. Why?
Who profits from this war? Where is media coverage of those opposed to this endless war strategy? Tough questions.

By refusing to talk about what this massive war spending is doing to the US side of the equation, the media is slanting all the news. Before we decide to do another war we should both consider what it does there and what it does HERE. Remember the cost of one middle east war would have ended poverty in the US through CBA’s community bank account. Which would have better protected the interests of this country- war over there or no poverty here? That’s the other side of this issue. Talk about both sides please.

Media and Government, and People, don’t get enamored with war. How about letting war fever be tempered with a little reasonable restraint. Before the US gets directly involved in any way, in any conflict or war, anywhere, we need to do the following 8 steps. 1. Let the combatants solve it – if they can’t
2. Let regional leaders and neighbor countries solve it – if they can’t 3. Let the UN solve it – if they can’t
4. US put pressure on combatants to solve it – if they can’t
5. US put pressure on regional leaders and neighbor countries to solve it – if they can’t 6. US put pressure on the UN to solve it – if they can’t
7. US put pressure on our allies to work with us to solve it. THEN and ONLY THEN should the US consider getting directly involved.
8. But consider too that the cost of one war would end poverty in the US. Weigh the two options carefully. Would fighting this war really be better for US interests than ending poverty in the country?

Drunk with anger or sober with reason? Which will it be?


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