First Review for my 10 short play, book

Dear Musea Readers, I got a nice review for my book of plays. See below. Priced at $199 for a download from Amazon and all the sites. REVIEW: TEN SHORT AND SHORT-SHORT PLAYS Ten Short and Short-Short Plays by Tom Hendricks Fiction/ Dramas Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

For those of us readers who enjoy short works of fiction, author and playwright Tom Hendricks has provided us with an intriguing new entry in the field. Ten Short and Short-Short Plays is exactly that, a compendium of ten finely worked plays that can each be read in a very short period of time. From a play featuring two bewitching wood nymphs, to one based on a classic ballet, to yet another featuring two porcelain collectibles dueling it out on a mantle, each feature is certainly unique, creative and highly entertaining.

One of my very favorite genres is that of short fiction. Having a book where one can quickly read through an entertaining piece, then set it aside and not come back to it for hours, days or months, just to start anew with something completely fresh; that is simply a delightful option for me.

However, sometimes I run across a writer that, even though the works are short, they are so compelling they keep me reading right through. That was certainly the case with this book. Playwright Tom Hendricks must have an incessantly creative mind, and this comes through in each of his unique and playful works. Each of these plays would be fun to act out for novice actors or for ones much more skilled. I recommend Ten Short and Short-Short Plays to readers who enjoy short works of fiction, those interested in fun short plays, or actors looking for new work. Tom Hendricks’ work is definitely worth watching out for.




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