Some Kid’s Poems

Little Tommy Hendricks
asked for a sandwich
What kind would you like?
Chocolate would be nice.
Chocolate? That’s absurd
… Then caramel instead.
But what then for desert?
A sandwich of course!

I’ve decided to get
an invisible dragon.
If my mother could see it
I couldn’t have him.

He’ll live in my closet
that’ll be his place
because when invisible
you take up no space.

I’ll make up his food
to be what he likes
Invisible Georges
without the spikes.

And if someone
should bully me
they’ll answer to
his smoking teeth!

count the crows
on the lawn
count the crows
caw! caw! caw!

“Roll call,
How many here?
I see two.”
“I count two.”
“I count too.”
“So how many total
we all agree
the final count
can only be
what we see:
(inspired by a POGO cartoon)

Photo 3


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