My Picasso “Jacqueline on Horseback after Velazquez” 3/10/59

This year I bought a copy of a Picasso Print.
The first thing that comes to mind with Picasso is scary monsters or shattered tormented faces.  This is the other side of his work.  I liked it because its very elegant, but also very busy, colorful, charming, and fresh looking.  It shows his wife Jacqueline as the horse rider in a copy of a painting by Velazquez.

Here is a copy of it, for sale, on ebay. This is the only copy I could find on the net.


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One Response to “My Picasso “Jacqueline on Horseback after Velazquez” 3/10/59”

  1. musea Says:

    Here is more info on the original print.
    Pablo Picasso “Woman on Horseback II” Lithography Dated 12-3-59
    14-1/2″ x 10-3/8″ & not including the frame measurements.
    Framed Measurements; 19″ Width x 23″ Height
    Lithography offest on Heavy Stock Paper
    Grade: Near Fine
    First French Edition by Publisher
    Thames & Hudson
    Limited Edition
    “Toros y Toreros”
    Printed by Cercle d’ Art. Paris 1961
    Original piece was obviously dedicated by Picasso “por Jacqueline Reiner”, as visible in the piece, upper top right corner as exhibited in pieces picture gallery.

    Museum Glassed, Framed & Acid Free Backing for Protection.

    Beautiful Large Piece!

    Authenticity Certification Accompanies Lithography

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