Sayings of Editor Art (continued)

SAYINGS (recent 10/15)


I fact check with a Ouija board

Band name: Twombly and the Cursive Curls

Life is not a fluke one time assembly of chemicals that popped up out of nothing in one place. It’s a reaction to the environment over millions of years.

When films become franchises, and accountants become directors …

Even bacteria have enemies.

Both sides are making their point of view more important than a solution.

This is not a Picasso either (painting title)


Here’s some just on art and painting:


Most modern art substitutes weird for quality, narrow isms for scope and meaning, and trendy for depth.

For many decades weird has replaced creativity.

Just as the last century in art was fragmented into ‘isms, I suggest this century will do the opposite and build new art based on the synthesis of all the styles.

Saying modern art is trendy is like saying an orange is an orange.

Last century the goal was to fit the ism. This century the goal is to paint well – no ism. Fractionalized art then, synthesized art now. Even calling something modern art is a type of ism that separates that art from the art of the past.

Current isms include modern art, lowbrow art, comic book and illustrator art, digital art, western art, etc.

It seems so much more natural to take off the ism blinders and like all art instead of having a narrow field of vision where your chosen ism is the only true ism or style.

Share the art, protect the originals. (Reason for exact painting copies.)

Photo 4


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