Reviews for my 3 Novels

The last issue of zine Musea had a page of some recent reviews I’ve gotten for these novels, Cendrillo0n, the True Story of Cinderella, Portraits, a novel about Art, Artists, and the Art Revolution, and Library Plane, a section of the larger novel in progress, Writings in Science. See what you think.
Also for a short time, I can send anyone a free streaming copy from Amazon, (kindle readers) for a paragraph review posted on my Amazon writer page.


Tom Hendricks uses a unique historical perspective to bring new life to the tale of Cinderella…. Hidden within the story are lessons about love, loss and acceptable behavior, not to mention the definition of true beauty … Cendrillon: The True Story of Cinderella is a delightful version of a favorite fairy tale. – Melinda Hills

This version, which includes a carefully restored photograph of the heroine of the tale, makes the story an adventure and a delight all over again… And Cendrillon? She’s everything a fairy tale lover could ask for… most highly recommended – Jack Magnus

Yes, at the heart of Portraits is a love story, a love triangle, but its soul delves deeper into a layered plot that draws out a more widespread implication: that art is the axis of all things beautiful, significant, and real. – Jamie Michele

The author’s story captures the essence of the lifestyle and struggles of artists, especially those who’ve not been discovered… I … enjoyed the way he builds up each artist’s character, artistic influences and personal style. The correspondence between Jack and his mysterious friend is compelling reading, and I began to look forward to each new missive … I had a marvelous time reading this novel and am looking forward to rereading it soon…. – Jack Magnus

I was drawn into it rather quickly and I really liked the characters …I enjoyed Portraits … and would definitely recommend it to a friend. This was a very well-written short novella with a good story-line. – Samantha Dewitt

Tom Hendricks’ Library Planet is an explosion of imagination and wonderful cultures from all the diverse planets… This is a story for those who want to get lost in a planet sized library without spending too much time away from real life. – Maria Stoica

Library Planet by Tom Hendricks is a gripping mystery with a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, and even a bit of romance. I was amazed at how Tom Hendricks managed to bring out a story so deep on so few pages. – Faridah Nassozi

Library Planet is exactly what it says it is; an outstanding look into the very core of human evolution and its repository of knowledge. I started the first page dubiously, thinking that I would run through the book in an hour or two, and finished the last page a week later with a satisfied sigh! This is a book of originality, vision, imagination
and content. – Deepak Menon

Library Planet is hauntingly beautiful, and the author’s use of language and imagery throughout the work is inspired. This story is part fantasy, part fable, and totally awesome; and it’s most highly recommended. Wow! This is breathtakingly good. Bravo! – Jack Magnus

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