3 Different Versions (another plus of mass marketing paintings)

This post has 3 different art works. But look closer. They are all copies of the same original art work. Two are details of the larger work. All are copies of the original drawing that were then touched up with pencil or colored pencils.

Photo 4

By working with copies you preserve the original, and bring some new versions of the art.

Through zine Musea, I have advocated the mass marketing of paintings with exact copies of the art on the same type canvas or paper of the original. Some seemed upset that people would see an exact copy instead of the original. I don’t. I would rather have copies of thousands of great art works come to my town, then to have to travel to a thousand museums to see the originals.

Photo 8

Mass marketing of paintings would do for art, what it’s done for lit = books, film = DVDs, or music = records. It would take it from an elite few fans, to a world wide audience. Here are some more good reasons.

1. Printmakers like Rembrandt or Picasso made prints. Are those copies worthless because they are not original – not the original drawing, but the print pulled from that drawing?
2. If I as an artist, love copies of my work – and I do,{sometimes they are better because I can make copies bigger, add color to the copies, make paintings of details of the copies – all without hurting the original,) – are you right to block me from making them? Am I wrong to think they are art?
3. Do you have to read the original manuscript in the authors hand, instead of a published copy of that book to get all it’s meaning? Do you have to hear the original tape recording made in the studio, instead of a record of that recording to enjoy the music?
4. Would you prefer 1 original that usually is hard to see except by a rich elite, or would you prefer exact copies for all, even those who know little about art.
5. The technology of reproduction is so good that I contend that you could take an original art work, plus 4 exact copies, display them in the same frame, and viewers could not all agree on which is the original. That is how good the technology is now, and it’s only getting better. So it”s time to ship the copies and store and protect the originals.

Photo 3

Share the art and protect the originals.


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