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Musea Reader,

I’ve posted this in many places during the last few years. I feel that new solutions have to be non divisive to work. That was my goal, to find solutions that would not benefit only one side, but would help all.

Here is a recent reply by Jerry Engelbach that commented on each one of my 10 points. Then I offer my response

First the original post:
Here are 10 solutions that might resolve a lot of the countries problems in a fair, non divisive , non political, way, that supports all and hurts none.

COMMENT: Jerry Engelbach · Cooper Union

Okay, let’s take them one at a time.

1. Call for a National Hiring Day – to get the economy started.
Companies hire when demand goes up, and for no other reason. A feel-good day won’t do it. A government jobs program is what’s needed.

2. Call for a government savings account. Put 10 billion a year in it.
For what purpose?

3. Cut spending and raise revenue 1/10th of one percent across the board.
Unless you’re talking about cutting defense spending, this is a right-wing talking point, and it’s wrong. And how are you going to raise revenue? The correct message is to raise taxes on the rich and the corporations.

4. Let government employees get 1/10 of 1% of money they can save
Sorry, the meaning of this ecapes me.

5. Cut corporate and rich welfare at least as much as poor people welfare.
All corporate welfare should be cut, not “as least as much” as anything.

6. Set up CBA’s, community bank accounts, and end all poverty.
Poverty will be ended when there are jobs for all who can do them and social programs to aid all those in trouble.

7. Stop all wars for 10 years.
Why only ten years?

8. Make sure the government stays a democracy.
The only way to do this is to take all money out of politics.

9. Support free college through a wiki-College
The government should pay for college just as it pays for ElHi.

10. Promote National Art Centers, to support all arts.
Okay. This already exists to a certain extent, although there have been cuts.

The most important thing missing from this list is to increase the power of organized labor. The evisceration of the unions is the single most costly thing to have have hurt the American working class.

I find your list rather unfocussed. It needs to be far more specific. Some of those specifics are being addressed by Sanders and Warren.

Jerry Engelbach

1. These are for open positions that companies want filled – it would spotlight and fill many of these. Why would a corporation be upset about filing a job position it wants filled?

2. To get away from a debt mentality, to have some reserve, to show some restraint in spending even if it is just for show.

3 That one is easy – just raise and lower the numbers 1/10 of one percent. Most spending cuts, and revenue increases are too dramatic, and immediatly split the nation into two. These would harm no one and help all.

4. When a department reduces it’s budget, the employees of that department get 1/10 of the money saved in bonuses. Getting a small percentage of a billion here or a billion there can help a paycheck. That would be an incentive to cut every excess penny.

5. Let’s be practical. We may both want immediate fairness across the board, but you have to start somewhere. This would be a reasonable start, that would be much more likely to happen. Trying to end all corporate welfare at once, is a way to get nothing done and keep the country divided.

6. Times change, and jobs as the only solutions is not true. For example how would jobs help kids and seniors? Trickle up economics works as well or better than trickle down. CBA’s is a way to end poverty without spending a penny. Why would anyone want poverty if we could end it without spending money?

7. Start somewhere. See above. Calling for an end to all wars, just stops the discussion immediatly and prevents any real solution.

8. That is one part of the solution for sure.

9. OK, I may agree with that, but again this is a divisive stance, that will prevent any sort of cooperation – so you prevent solving the problem.

10 The present system supports art groups not art centers. I think that should stop, and instead all the money put in art centers open to all. The government should not be in the business of deciding good art. Being a musician, painter, and writer, I know they are not very good at being art critics.

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