Library Planet – Review by Deepak Manon – 4 of 5 Stars

Here is a fourth review for my short sci-fi novel, Library Planet.

Title: Library Planet
Author: Tom Hendricks
Genre: Fiction – Science Fiction

Tom Hendricks lets his imagination run wild and paints a beautiful image on the blank canvas of the reader’s mind.

Reviewed by Deepak Menon for Readers’ Favorite
Library Planet by Tom Hendricks is a little book when one starts it. At first sight, one mightfeel that it will be a travelogue full of glittering descriptions of the great libraries of the world, with glimpses of the immortal works of great authors. I stepped into the book and after a page my illusions vanished. The author has shown a rare skill with words and a rare ability to capture the reader’s attention and propel him through myriad pathways by the scruff of his neck. To avoid a spoiler is difficult, but my task is made easier by the very indicative title of the book itself. Any avid reader would love to browse through a score of rooms
lined with wonderful books in their original jackets. To browse through them is always an unparalleled pleasure. And that is what this book is about. A library spanning an entire planet.

Tom Hendricks lets his imagination run wild and paints a beautiful image on the blank canvas of the reader’s mind. He touches upon every person’s unbridled desires and fantasies hidden in the deep recesses of the mind, and gives them life. A delicate touch of the supernatural, a sombre aura of the deepening shadows of a futuristic science, a study of the intricacies of the delusional mind of an outcast ascetic, and a journey of exploration through the boundless knowledge of the galaxy is condensed into this amazing little novelette. Library Planet is exactly what it says it is; an outstanding look into the very core of human evolution and its repository of knowledge. I started the first page dubiously, thinking that I would run through the book in an hour or two, and finished the last page a week later with a satisfied sigh! This is a book of originality, vision, imagination and content.

Library Planet Co

PLOT – 5


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