Sculpture in the wild

My next issue of zine Musea will be about my Sculpture ideas. I like this painting of sculpture better than the sculpture painted. So it won’t make the issue. I think I have some better examples of abstract sculpture ideas.
See what you think.

Photo 3


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2 Responses to “Sculpture in the wild”

  1. Frank D. Walsh Says:

    This is wunnerful. So much in it with sparingly loaded supra- symbolism. I see the sea and earth meeting in a horizon from which a ‘heroic’ troupe, advance guard(re:avante guarde!) of DNA helixes have almost proudly just emerged. Tom, I have a whole mish mash of–for real– self-taught fortes, aesthetics and world art-history are of a pair of them. And I am so happy to be struck by another aspect of what is to my critical-thinking your self-evident populist genius represented by the recent art you’re putting out there , especially this work here! Thanks, man…

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