Library Planet – review, by Maria Stoica 4 of 5 stars

Musea Readers,

Recently I got more reviews for LIBRARY PLANET. There are 4 that I would like to share – they are two with 5 of 5 stars, and one 4 of 5 stars. Here is the 2nd one.


Tom Hendricks’ Library Planet is an explosion of imagination and wonderful cultures from all the diverse planets.

Title: Library Planet
Author: Tom Hendricks
Genre: Fiction – Science Fiction

Library Planet* Co

Reviewed by Maria Stoica for Readers’ Favorite (4 of 5 stars)

Library Planet by Tom Hendricks is a short novel which takes place in a library so large it covers the entire planet it is built on. Once the Capital of the Confederacy, this planet stored the finest publications of each of the over seventy planets’ cultures. With time, the Capital was moved and this planet was slowly abandoned, the billions of echoing footsteps that once trod it fading away. Street and Smith is a wealthy, solitary young man and a bibliophile. It was only natural for him to purchase the entire library when it went on sale. As the last of the previous owners’ ships took off, all was left deadly quiet, except for the constant, soft hum of machines. It was perfect for Street and Smith. He was the only soul left on this planet amongst the innumerable books which he read and cared for. Or so he thought. One day, as he was reading, he heard an odd sound, as if something had fallen on the floor. When he went to the source of the sound, he saw the translucent shape of a young woman, a ghost running her hand along the books. She vanished suddenly and Street and Smith set out to capture her and find out more.

Tom Hendricks’ Library Planet is an explosion of imagination and wonderful cultures from all the diverse planets. Street and Smith tells us about them as he travels through the library. The story is narrated by Street and Smith himself and the way he describes his actions and the sights he visits depends on his mood. For instance, when he is worried or scared, the writing tends to look like a draft of jotted ideas since he thinks
quickly and mentions all his troubling thoughts. When he is relaxed, he describes the wonderful experience of reading and feeling each type of book. Not all books have pages. Some look like disks, others swim in tanks, and others are made of pictures since the language they have been written in had no words. This is a story for those who want to get lost in a planet sized library without spending too much time away from real life.

PLOT – 4


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