Dallas Observer – Oblivious to what’s going on – the usual from them.

The local weekly,  Dallas Observer has written an article titled “Where is Dallas Zine Scene? This is such an out of touch article that I refuse to link to it.  But overall they wonder where the zines are in Dallas.

But you Musea Readers, already know that Musea has a published history about as long as the Observer, that they have marginalized every creative step I’ve taken, and gone out of their way to block support for not only this zine, but the entire zine scene in Dallas.  Their anti zine stance has been obvious for decades to zinesters. I did the following comment, to them: Musea, has been published for 24 years in Dallas. I’ve known many zinesters in Dallas, Observer has generally marginalized all of us, our ideas in music, art, lit, film, etc. Musea is challenging all the corporate musicians in a Texas Video Showdown, again the usual,  no support from Observer. When I started the Zine Hall of Fame for all the zines worldwide, with it’s now 80 inductees, no mention from Observer. Seems the Observer needs a reality check on zines in Dallas.


The media in Dallas is a mess, we deserve a good daily and a good weekly.  We are left wanting.

PS I”m doing a Musea Article, headline – Dallas, Isn’t it time to have a Weekly magazine like other big cities?


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