NPR diversity in coverage? FAIR says it’s low

FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, has analyzed NPR and found it wanting in it’s coverage.
For a decade, I and my zine Musea, have been saying their coverage of the ARTS is not fair.

The FAIR study found 14 regular commentators, whose viewpoints were featured in a total of 106 segments. Of these commentators, 12 were men and two were women (86 percent male); 12 of the commentators (86 percent) were non-Latino whites and two were people of color.

Here is my concern:

WHAT’S NOT CONSIDERED in the arts coverage on NPR?

The revolution in all the arts, postism music, a back to basics music, Stuckism and other new movements in art, thousands of independent filmmakers on youtube, thousands of zinesters – indy writers, with virtually no coverage of new poets, or playwrights, etc.

That’s a lot of very great art and artists. But the problem gets worse.
What’s not considered is how important fair reviews are. NPR gives fair reviews to films, but never to any books or music. That treats books and music like refrigerator art where all is praised – that is not journalism. We deserve better coverage from NPR and wider coverage too. While a few books and recordings are over praised, most books and music are denied fair reviews,  and coverage.

NPR leader in music promotion, but is it fair?

NPR Why isn’t revenue sharing deals, payola?


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