Sayings of Eddie Art (Musea’s editor Art S Revolutionary)

When did film shift from an art form to a franchise?

The next Barbies is a doll maker Barbie.

The next generation will shun social media like the plague.

She was one who smiled too quickly.

Virtually every great artist that came out of Dallas came OUT of Dallas

Trendy is built into every ‘ism art.

X. If your house was on fire, what would you save first?
T. An extinguisher?

the origin of life was not a 1 time series of connected chemical steps that led to life. It was the selection of the most stable chemical systems over millions of years.

NPR should cover music for every music lover, even those who like some rebellion with their music.  Why cater to only the most conservative music listener alone?

Rebellion in styles, forms, venues, instrumentation, etc. brings a certain vitality to music that it needs to grow and that I love, look for and cherish.  What about it?  Some exciting innovative music coverage?


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