Architecture poems

The Next MUSEA issue will be all about Architecture with pages of new buildings!
Here’s some architecture poems for fun.

How drab a day at a ‘box’ building that no architect has ever loved. How exhilarating a day at a labor-of-love edifice rising with gusto and moxie from its surroundings.

Photo 5
Amber Chapel

I hope to one day
turn these into
professional drawings
and built models
and finished buildings
towering above me.

I think I’ll build
a castle today
make it so huge
it touches the clowds
first thing to do
assemble my tools
one piece o paper
a pencil and rule.

build, build, build
block, block, block

my house ran out and left me
I came home from school and it wasn’t there
where it was supposed to be.
The neighbors said
it went on vacation
packed it’s bags
and without hesitation
left for the coast
to sail the sea
My house ran out
on me!
(kid’s poem.)


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