Sayings of Editor Art (they just keep coming)


it takes darkness to see stars!

metabolism = nurturing = anabolic
replication = waste out = catabolic

No more OIL WARS!

If you call a series of films a franchise, what does that tell you about the quality of the films?

Make a customer, not a sale.

Good composers are rare. Compare how many good orchestras there are with how many good Bachs, Mozarts, and Beethoven’s there are.

For awhile in architecture, modern meant square and round meant ancient. Gehry and others have changed that.

Being weird doesn’t make art modern. It’s just the opposite. It makes it more like 100 years ago with surrealism, dada, Duchamp, and two world wars.Weird is not more modern, it’s just more weird.

The new art post-ism is not about a new ‘ism. It’s about art that is beyond ‘isms. Post-ism is art that is great because it’s great, not because it fits an ‘ism.


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