Q. If you are a Photon, What time is it?

Q. If you are a photon, what time is it?

A. ?????

Discussion: http://www.askamathematician.com/2013/04/q-if-a-photon-doesnt-experience-time-then-how-can-it-travel/ Photo 5

Discussion welcome.

For the first post on this see Alpha


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5 Responses to “Q. If you are a Photon, What time is it?”

  1. musea Says:

    joey says:
    February 17, 2014 at 2:34 pm
    – The photon does not experience elapsed time and can cover any distance in zero time.
    In effect, a photon can be everywhere at once. This implies that there is no need for more than ONE photon in the universe.

  2. musea Says:

    Tero Moisio commented on Q: If a photon doesn’t experience time, then how can it travel?.

    in response to askamathematician:

    Physicist: It’s a little surprising this hasn’t been a post yet. In order to move from one place to another always takes a little time, no matter how fast you’re traveling. But “time slows down close to the speed of light”, and indeed at the speed of light no time passes at all. So how […]

    I don’t believe big bang but as idea, photons born in big bang would be still in big bang time. But so far away we would not reach them (if travelling all the time). We experience only photons born in materia around us. So photon does not experience time when moving from point a to point b. This is my best understanding so far..

  3. musea Says:

    Orien Rigney says:
    May 7, 2015 at 10:53 am
    Your question Tom: If I am a photon, what time is it?

    Let me add just a bit more fuel to that fire Tom.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Can a photon ever be at rest? If so, with respect (relatively) to what? Again, if so, what must a photon weigh at rest, with respect to what? If everything actually increases in mass (weight) with an increase in speed, what will a photon weigh at C?

  4. musea Says:

    Orien Rigney commented on Q: If a photon doesn’t experience time, then how can it travel?.

    in response to Tom Hendricks:

    Let’s put some ideas together. 1. photons left the big bang at the speed of light 2. at the speed of light, no time passes. That would suggest there is no time between the big bang and now for a photon. In other words the big bang is happening now for the photon? More combinations. […]

    We really don’t know that much about photons other than they were ‘supposedly’ created a few seconds or minutes after the BB occurred. Throughout the universe photons are produced daily, to die instantly under certain conditions. Black bodies absorb them while others reflect them. Photons are a celestial phenomena we simply must accept as fact.

  5. musea Says:

    From the point of view of Photon Alpha, there is no time between when it is created and when it ends. Thus from Alpha’s point of view the beginning moment is also the end moment.
    That suggests that if Photon Alpha is one of those created near the Big Bang – those that make up the radiation that fills the Universe – and it continues to exist until the universe ends, that from the photon’s point of view the entire history of the Universe from beginning to end happens at the same moment.

    Photon Alpha looses energy, the wave length increases, and becomes weaker as the universe expands. But that suggest that there was a change in the energy level of the photon. But change requires time. How can Photon Alpha both be outside of time, and change?

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