Portraits, My novel on art, artists and the art revolution – Published, and Ready for streaming.


My Third novel is now available at all the main streaming suspects, I-Books,
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker and Taylor, Copiea, Garners (Britain) etc.
Here’s the cover. The drawings are of the three main characters.

Portraits is a novel about three things: Nine artists that come together in an art co-op to change art, the romance of two of the artists Jack and Francesca, and a secret admirer, Missy U., who plays a major role in it all.
It is a novel about art, artists, and the art revolution.

Jack Labas is an artist in a dark world, where his paintings are reaching new heights; but, no one else acknowledges, or even knows about his achievements.

All was black.
Then a spark,
a glowing light
in the dark.

Through the help of a secret admirer, and later an art co-op of artists working together, he helps change art forever.

From ‘An Essay on Art ‘by Missy U.:

The future builds on the hope we have now;
Hope that our world heritage of art will not only survive and be protected, but allowed to reach more and more of the world’s audience.
Hope that what is now hard for artists today, will be easier for artists tomorrow.
Hope that time wasted in struggle, will shift to time gained for work.
Hope that art for the few, will metamorph into art for all.
Hope that art will be integrated into our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Our future freedom rests in the hands of those whose likeness will be in their dissimilarity. – Robert Henri.


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