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3 Blocks

April 30, 2015

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White Guitar Pick (poem)

April 30, 2015

I play my guitar with a white pick
and sometimes it happens, that for no reason
I’m playing away and I DROP IT!

I know from the past what will follow.
It will vanish mid air before it hits the ground
and nothing on earth can find where it’s gone.

I speak from the past. I speak from the present.
I’ve learned to accept it as one of life’s lessons.
Whomever hexed me and my packet of picks,

you’ve done a most admirable job of it.
But next time I hope what you wrought to wrought
you’d rethink that hex, and decide to stop.

Bamboo (art)

April 27, 2015

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Why are So Many People Saying Bad Art is Good?

April 24, 2015

Why are so many people saying bad art is good?

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Why does the art media keep saying bad art is good? Why do they praise poor derivative work so much, while refusing to talk about better work? Has modern art become isolated in ivory towers that no longer are in touch with the larger art world?

If modern art was interested in new art, wouldn’t they talk about the backlash against the old art, that is going on now? Where is the vitality in art, that new art ideas and a little rebellion can bring. Has modern art become the salon art of our time? Has it jumped the shark? Has modern art become dada without the charm?

The history of western art went from realism, to abstraction. OK but that’s not the end of art. That is just a phase. Time to move on to the new art that goes beyond realism versus abstraction. To bring vitality back to art, we should oppose the salon art , that modern art has become.

The new art post-ism is not about a new ‘ism. It’s about art that is beyond ‘isms. Post-ism is art that is great because it’s great, not because it fits an ‘ism.

Modern art came to a stop with conceptual art and no one since has known how to get it started again.
Conceptual art ended MODERN ART. And for the last 40 years no one has known what to do with it!

Doing art that is weird is not pushing boundaries forward, it’s copying what was done by other artists a hundred years ago; Duchamp, Surrealists, Dadaists etc. reacting to two world wars.There is this idea that new art must be more weird to be progressive. Weird art is easy. You put a strip of raw bacon across an expensive violin – but it’s not great art!

Here’s why I think a lot of Modern art is neither modern nor art (or at least not very good art) anymore and ready for a change, or at least an alternative
1. Cold 2. Disjointed 3. Can’t communicate it’s message 4.Weird 5.Elitist 6. Technically poor if there is technique at all 7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room 8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9 No breadth or scope.

Crossroads (art)

April 24, 2015

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