The Meadows Millions – A Gift Lost in an Ivory Tower? (art)

The Meadows Foundation has given a massive gift to SMU.  See link.
That’s a fine gift for my hometown, Dallas. But the Meadows Foundation seems unaware of the postism art movement going on in it’s own backyard, bringing the vitality to art that modern art has lost. I doubt that the 20 million, that part of the money given to the Meadows school of the art, will do much to help art go beyond the salon art that modern art has become. It will most likely get lost in the ivory tower that mainstream art has become.
Modern art is in many ways the salon art of our times. It has not fared well in the last few decades and is ready for the art revolution in the wings loosely called Postism or No-isms, that is back to basics.
The revolution against modern art has had more resistance than the Impressionists had from the Salon. You’d think that today the art world would be more open to new ideas not less.


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